Star Wars Episode IX: Oscar Isaac hints at Poe and Rey operating together


While most of Star Wars Episode IX remains a mystery, Oscar Isaac can say some things about the movie and what Poe Dameron does.

With publicity for Avengers: Endgame in full swing, it’s not much of a surprise that Star Wars Episode IX is on the back burner for the Disney conglomerate, but that hasn’t stopped the stars of the film from dropping little tidbits here and there. Oscar Isaac, right now, is just wrapping up publicity for his Netflix movie, Triple Frontier, so it’s not surprising that he’s the source of today’s plot details.

Bespin Bulletin on Instagram transcribed parts of Isaac’s interview with the Happy Sad Confused podcast. Most importantly, it reports that Isaac said the following about anything he may have had to do with Daisy Ridley, who plays Rey: “Well, we were apart obviously in [The Force Awakens] until the end, and in the second we were all in our own adventures, and in this one it’s great because we get to have some stuff together.”

Considering that Poe and Rey don’t even meet until the end of The Last Jedi, they have a lot to learn about each other. Even with Poe knowing a little about her, according to his dialogue, he still doesn’t know everything she’s capable of. That goes both ways, too. Could they clash over who makes for the better pilot, or will Poe stay in his X-Wing and Rey continue piloting the Millennium Falcon? In fact, could they even switch ships? Poe does say that he “can fay anything.” Should the film put him to the test?

Isaac’s wording, however, suggests that whatever he and Ridley may have done together for filming, it was done together — and piloting scenes are much more individualized in terms of shots needed. Could they actually go on a ground mission together? We certainly hope so.

He also admitted that he counted how many lines he has in the Episode IX script, and added that he was “psyched.” Here’s hoping the script gives him plenty to do — without sacrificing the character work that’s already been done.

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Star Wars Episode IX arrives Dec. 20.