Lucy Liu is developing a much-needed series about history’s unsung women


Coming off of CBS’s Elementary, Lucy Liu is developing a new anthology series about all the women history has forgotten. Here are the details.

Lucy Liu has been everywhere lately. She finished filming the final season of Elementary (airing later this year) where she played the badass Joan Watson, directed the first episode of season 2 of Luke Cage, was in everyone’s favorite Netflix rom-com, Set It Up, and can soon be seen in Why Women Kill on CBS Access.

But she is not stopping there! She is also developing a new anthology series called Unsung Heroes. According to The Hollywood Reporter, she’ll be directing the first episode and will be executive producing the series with her manager, Maryellen Mulcahy, and Ruthanne Secunda. The series is being developed with ABC Studios International.

And the premise behind the show is just as brilliant as Liu herself. Each episode will feature a different woman who accomplished extraordinary things in their field but were not recognized for it at the time. It will highlight their achievements and how they impacted history.

While who will be spotlighted in each episode isn’t known just yet, we do know that the first episode will be about Anna May Wong, a silent film star. Ever heard of any other silent film stars besides Greta Garbo or Clara Bow? Probably not. That’s the purpose of this series. To let people know about the women who have been left out of history.

While Lucy Liu has been known as an actress for years, she has become quite the director as well. She’s directed multiple episodes of Elementary, Law & Order: SVU, Luke Cage, and Graceland. This new anthology series is just another step to world domination. And I mean… it’s Lucy Liu! Who wouldn’t want her taking over the world?

Unsung Heroes, unfortunately, does not have a distributor yet, so there is no release date on when the show will premiere. But, as it’s being developed with ABC, it may most likely be on one of its networks.

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What’re your thoughts on this new series? What forgotten woman would you love to see an episode about? Let us know in the comment section.