From Arendelle to Agrabah, Disney’s new LEGO minifigures have arrived


Lego tantalizes us with news of a second set of Disney minifigures including characters from Nightmare Before Christmas, Frozen, and Ducktales.

Earlier today, Lego revealed its newest Disney minifigure set that will be released on May 1. This is a follow up to the set that they released in 2016. It’s a great mix of figures from all over the Disney universe including a few eclectic characters such as as Edna Mode from The Incredibles and Hades from Hercules.

What’s certain is that we’ll be clamoring for all 18 figures when the set is available for sale. Lego is releasing it as a blind bag so you won’t be able to pick and choose your favorite figures. You’ll have to buy it blind and won’t know what figure you have until you open it. At the price of $3.99 per minifigure, it’s deliciously tempting to buy an entire box to ensure that you get your favorites as well as the entire set.

Disney fans of all ages are sure to find a minifigure they adore, from Sally and Jack of A Nightmare Before Christmas to Anna and Elsa from Frozen. Classics like Steamboat Mickey and Minnie even get a shout out in this minifig set, which is a nice touch to Disney’s lengthy legacy.

As a child of the 1980s, I am particularly excited for the Ducktales minifigures, including Scrooge McDuck and his nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie. Disney recently rebooted the TV show and from the few episodes I’ve seen, it’s great.

The set also includes Chip and Dale from Rescue Rangers. It would be great to see if their inclusion might herald a future iteration of the TV show again since nostalgia apparently sells right now. (Pretty please?)

One suggestion we have for future sets? We need to see more of our favorite female Disney characters! This set features six female characters out of 18, and the 2016 set

However, it is a little disappointing this set features only six female characters out of 18. 2016’s release of minifigures also featured a small roundup of fictional women, including The Little Mermaid‘s Ariel and Ursula. I’d have loved to see Gadget to go along with Chip and Dale,  Elastigirl or Violet from The Incredibles, or recent princesses like Moana.

Fingers crossed we’ll see them, plus more of our favorite female Disney characters in future minifig sets!

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Which minifigure is your favorite? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to snag as many as you can when they hit stores on May 1!