Crazy Ex-Girlfriend preview: Rebecca is searching for her frenemy


Now that she has community theater, Rebecca should be content right? Well, on this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, she’s trying to figure out what she’s missing.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has been setting up Rebecca finding her bliss without worrying about the men in her life. When Greg Serrano came back to town, Rebecca and Greg decided to give it another shot. It ended up with Rebecca going back down a dark path, and they ended their relationship.

Focusing on her theater, Rebecca decided that she needed to put all three men (Josh, Greg, and Nathaniel) behind her and focus on herself, a very wise decision. The problem? It lasted for less than an episode. The community theater thing worked for a second, but then Nathaniel and Josh were both there trying to win her over.

And so then after her show, Rebecca headed to Serrano’s because she missed Greg’s big opening because of her production. When there, she can see herself falling for him again but then, right as he leaves to go and get her some lasagna, she has a flash to her time with Nathaniel backstage when they almost kissed and it throws Rebecca right back into her triangle.

This episode, is Josh going to tell Rebecca how he feels? Are they going to continue to have this battle back and forth about how loves Rebecca more? Or will she continue to focus on herself and worry about what she needs?

We’ll have to wait and see, but it seems as if Rebecca is searching for her frenemy in this episode. Ever since Valencia became one of Rebecca’s crew, she hasn’t had a frenemy in her life to give her that Betty/Veronica dynamic that she might clearly crave. So we’ll have to see if Rebecca succeeds or realizes that all she needs in life are her friends and those she wants to have around her.

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