Cool, keep giving us more information J.K. Rowling but only if you also give us the Marauders


The biggest consensus from the tweets making fun of J.K. Rowling was that we all want a Marauders series sooner rather than later. Give us what we want, Jo!

Sure, J.K. Rowling can keep on sharing tidbits about the movies and the books but can we get that Marauders series we’ve all talked about for years? James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew were four friends who went around school together, caused trouble, but were there for each other when they had no one else.

Even though we don’t have that much information on them, we still love them most of all. And maybe that’s because these characters, as they grew, loved Harry Potter when no one else did and looked out for him all because of James Potter.

Sure, Peter Pettigrew was part of their group growing up but we learned now that he isn’t someone they could trust, isn’t someone they should have believed in. But Sirius Black and Remus Lupin took their jobs as James Potter’s best friends seriously and looked out for his son when they could.

Lupin and Sirius were two of the best characters in the entire Potter canon because they always seemed to want to do what was best for each other. Whether it was putting themselves in danger to save the other or protecting their sons, they looked out for each other and it was a beautiful thing to see on screen but we’d love even more of it! Give us the Marauders series we want, please!

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