Star Wars Resistance preview: Tam and the First Order


While Team Fireball gets stuff done, Tam is one step closer to leaving with the First Order in this recent preview of the Star Wars Resistance season finale.

Tam making a decision about her future moving forward is the moment we’ve been dying to see. Will she make a last minute decision and stay on the Colossus, realizing the First Order aren’t what she believed them to be? Or will she leave with them, abandoning her life and friends in the process?

It’s such an intriguing development of events because we don’t recall seeing something like this before in the Star Wars animated shows. Too often we’ve seen conflicted characters turn away from the Empire and find a different purpose, like Captain Doza or Agent Kallus in Star Wars Rebels. It’s not often we see someone doing the complete opposite.

In a way, Tam reminds us of Ciena Ree from the Lost Stars novel by Claudia Gray. Ciena is a good and honorable person, but she was sucked in by the Empire and her cultural views kept her in their ranks. When she found out what the Empire was doing to innocent people, she still chose to stay and believed change could happen from within.

Tam gives us that kind of impression. She believes the First Order is a source of security and safety, and since that aligns with her own personal views, she doesn’t see anything wrong with them. She’s only willing to see the side they’re curating every step of the way. Will Tam find out the truth about the Hosnian system? Will she turn away if she does? Or will she act like Ciena and believe things could be changed for the better?

Watch this recent preview:

Kaz also reminds us of Thane Kyrell, another character from Lost Stars. When he refused to let Ciena stay in her Imperial Star Destroyer, he forcibly took her and saved her life. That said, he did strip away her ability to make her own choice at a crucial moment. Kaz saying, “Don’t let her leave,” sounds familiar for that reason. Kaz is willing to stop her and make the decision for her instead of letting her do it on her own.

And to be honest, we want her to join the First Order. The only way she’s going to realize the truth is if she’s exposed to what they’re truly capable of doing. Of course, this comes with a major problem, and we saw a reference to it in “The New Trooper.” What if Tam is brainwashed? What if she loses the most essential details about herself that make her Tam? That would make one intriguing storyline.

Finally, the preview gave us a sneak peek at a black command shuttle coming closer to the Colossus. Some fans believe Kylo Ren is in that ship, but it wouldn’t add up, to be honest. According to Star Wars: The Force Awakens, he travels to Takodana. Plus, it would make no sense for him to be at the Colossus. It would take too much focus away from the original characters.

Now, could Kylo Ren show up in season 2? We can see it happening, but for the time being, we like the focus and attention placed on the original crew.

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The season finale of Star Wars Resistance will air this Sunday, March 17, on DisneyNOW and at 10 p.m. ET on the Disney Channel.