We need a Thor and Captain Marvel movie after watching the Avengers: Endgame trailer


Thor and Captain Marvel have an epic face-off at the end of the new Avengers: Endgame trailer, and now we really want to see a movie with the two heroes!

Before most of us woke up yesterday morning, Marvel dropped the newest trailer for Avengers: Endgame. While we loved the whole trailer and cannot stop analyzing everything, one moment in particular stuck out. After the title screen, we see a small scene play out of what we can only presume is Thor and Captain Marvel meeting for the first time at the Avengers compound.

During a pretty epic face-off between the two, Thor summons his axe from Avengers: Infinity War. As Stormbreaker whizzes by Captain Marvel, she stands unfazed and slightly smirking with confidence. Honestly, that’s the only way we wanted Carol Danvers to react when an axe flies right by her. She’s fierce and strong, and nothing will change her demeanor.

You can catch their interaction at the 2:10 mark in the trailer.

The second Thor says “I like this one” — a lightbulb went off in our heads. How entertaining and exciting would it be to see two of the strongest Avengers (Captain Marvel, the strongest of all, of course) team up in an original film? Television isn’t out of the question either, with Disney’s upcoming streaming service, Disney+.

In either medium, we’re sure Marvel fans would embrace this duo in what could only be the greatest superhero buddy movie ever, and here’s why…

Thor and Carol Danvers’ backstories align

For starters, just look at Thor and Carol Danvers’ backstories. Both were both raised somewhere other than Earth, and have extensive knowledge about dangers across the universe. Thor, being on Asgard, knew the wars of the nine realms and how to bring peace.

Carol knew of the war between the Kree and Skulls, and based on Captain Marvel‘s timeline of events, is off to help the Skrulls after learning of the Kree’s deception.

Knowledge truly is power, and both Carol and Thor know that while Earth has had its share of issues (alien and domestic), it’s a small drop in an ocean of universal chaos. Put these two in a superhero movie together, and we’ll likely see them going off on galactic adventures versus just staying on one planet to battle an enemy.

Their greatest strength lies from within

We know from Thor: Ragnarok that Thor, the God of Thunder doesn’t need a hammer at all. Odin gave it to Thor as a way to help him learn to control and focus his power; the hammer’s never been a source of strength itself. When Thor fully realizes this in Ragnarok, we see his powers come full-force, including his ability to control elements and energy, along with his godly strength and speed.

As for Carol, she channels her photon blasts through her entire body, not through a handheld item. She uses this energy to help her fly, and it gives her superhuman strength and durability. Though we know that her photon blasts are not her only source of strength, her mind and her determination are what make her truly great.

These two sized each other up in a matter of seconds in the Endgame trailer, so they likely have an assumption of each other’s strengths. We can only imagine what strength could come from these two teaming up together.

But even as heroes, they have faults

As Carol Danvers would say, both she and Thor could be described as “noble warrior heroes.” While this could be seen as a positive attribute, it doesn’t come without its cons.

Both Carol Danvers and Thor are extremely loyal fighters. But loyalty has blinded them both at times to the realities around them. For Carol, she was a dedicated Kree warrior up until the moment she learned the Kree were the baddies and the Skrulls were just trying to find a safehaven somewhere in space.

As for Thor, he was very dedicated to his father, Odin, and the legacy of Asgard. It crushed him to learn from his sister Hela that both she and Odin conquered the Nine Realms through war and violence.

Thankfully, Carol and Thor were able to grow from their challenges and become better for it, instead of letting the darkness consume them. Give us a scene with these two having a heart to heart over what they’ve seen and done to be who they are today, and we’ll have the tissues ready.

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Just imagine a movie (or show) where Thor and Captain Marvel continue the legacy of the Avengers by teaching the next generation of heroes that strength doesn’t always mean being able to move heavy things, or blast people with your powers — instead, it’s the determination you have in your heart and in your mind!

Marvel, be sure to give us a credit when you put this together.

Avengers: Endgame comes out in theaters on April 26. Let us know what you think about a Thor and Captain Marvel team-up in the comments!