What would happen if Harry Potter and his friends went to Hogwarts in modern day times?


We know that Harry Potter and his friends attended Hogwarts throughout the 90s but what if they had gone to school in modern day times? How would that work?

For many of us, we didn’t think about the setting for the Harry Potter series. We just assumed that Harry was growing up as we did so when it became apparent that the series took place in the 90s, we were a little confused. But then again, if James and Lily Potter died in the 80s, we should have done some math.

Still though, this news makes us think: Would the series work if we set it in modern times? Even if we set it back when the first book was released in 1998, that is still more modern than starting the series in 1991. In fact, the series would have technically ended in 1998 which is crazy to think about since the seventh book came out in 2007, nearly ten years later.

So, what would happen if we set it in modern times? Well, technology for one. Back in the late 90s, we had the internet but it wasn’t what we know today and not everyone had a cellphone. If you did it was…huge. Now though, kids would have to part with their social media accounts and learn to leave the movies and television shows behind when they went to Hogwarts. How anyone could leave behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe is wild to think about.

Maybe it would have worked but there is something so wonderful about the series being set in the 90s and now we have Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to give us our modern day feel!

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Do you think it would work or does the Harry Potter series work best in the 90s? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!