Brooklyn Nine-Nine review: Boyle faces off against Nikolaj’s real father


When Gintars, Nikolaj’s real father, shows up, Jake and Boyle have plenty to deal with. Rosa also flies back to the precinct in this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

This week’s episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine looks at the struggles adoptive parents face.

Charles Boyle adopted Nikolaj and, in doing so, loves to talk about his son. But when Nikolaj’s father, Gintars (Ike Barinholtz), shows up and wants to spend time with his son, Jake takes matters into his own hands to protect his best friend. Boyle is upset because Nikolaj actually likes hanging out with his real father and calls him “Daddy Gintars”.

When Jake sees the effect it has on Boyle, he decides to catch Gintars talking about his clothing store “The Gape” so he can get him deported. Clearly, it backfires because Boyle comes around to Gintars being in Nikolaj’s life.

Granted, the sentiment was sweet because Jake just wants to protect his friend and make sure that Boyle is happy with his family. They all have a lovely little moment by the end of the episode where Jake, to make it up to Boyle, gets them matching hats and tells him that, no matter what, Nikolaj is lucky to have someone like Boyle in his life.

Back at the precinct, Rosa has a case that she’s trying to solve. She can’t find blood in an apartment but she’s positive that is where a murder took place. Holt and Amy set about making sure that they get Dr. Yee to come in with his blood detecting flies, which just annoys Rosa to no end.

They gush over him and turn it into a showcase for this experiment more than an actual investigation. So… when Rosa calls him out, proving that he doesn’t have flies that work, she finally solves the case on her own. She also makes Holt and Amy apologize for calling her and Terry “common folk”. (Well, for Terry, it probably checks out since he shaved his eyebrows and dyed his goatee because of bugs he thought existed there and Terry doesn’t even like bugs.)

Overall, the episode served to drive home what we’ve always known about Brooklyn Nine-Nine: It is a show that has a lot of heart for their characters. It could so easily have been Jake making fun of Boyle for all these years, but they grew to become two best friends who would do anything with each other. Rosa, despite her tough nature, still loves and respects Amy and Holt and so proving them wrong wasn’t exactly fun but she had to do it for the case.

They’re all there for each other, always ready to support one another, and that’s what makes this show so great.

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