What will happen to Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame?


Tony Stark is shown reunited with the Avengers in the newest trailer. What does this reveal say about the rest of Iron Man’s role in Endgame?

The newest and possibly last full-length Avengers: Endgame trailer is here, and it has seemingly answered one big and important question on many fan’s minds. That question is: When Tony Stark will reunite with the Avengers?

It looks like it may be pretty early on. If the rumors are true that these trailers only show scenes from about the first 20 minutes, then Tony will likely be rescued from space early in the movie (possibly by Captain Marvel) and reunite with the team once again.

This is great news for Tony Stark fans as it would be a shame to not have him with the rest of the original Avengers. It’s also comforting to know that he will get screen time (which it would be weird if he didn’t), and that he won’t die alone in space. Or at least we think not. But, since this trailer shows Tony with the Avengers all sporting those new white and red suits, it does take away some of the suspense from the earlier trailer of what will happen to Tony.

So, we’ve gathered together some theories and speculation on what will happen to Tony in the film and what his role will be.

Will he and Captain America get a chance to reunite as friends?

The last time Captain America and Iron Man were in the same room is when they were fighting each other at the end of Captain America: Civil War. There hasn’t been any reuniting or friendship between them since then, but now is the perfect chance. However, given that so much has changed and it’s basically the end of the world, they might put aside their differences to save the world without ever really patching their friendship up. Hopefully, they will be friends again by the end of the movie, especially considering this might be the end of Captain America in the MCU one way or another.

Why isn’t he wearing his Iron Man suit and will he play a leadership role?

It’s clear that this film is focusing on Captain America a lot based on the trailers and the posters. But, it’s likely that Iron Man will also play a co-leadership role in the movie since he’s been such a big part of the MCU. However, there are other powerful people at play here, too, such as Captain Marvel, meaning that this movie might be more about Tony Stark working as a team player.

In the slow-motion scene in the trailer, we see Tony with the others in those new red and white suits. He’s not wearing his Iron Man suit and isn’t at the forefront of the group (Captain America is). These suits could possibly be used for time travel or the Quantum Realm and maybe his Iron Man suit won’t be as important in this movie.

Does time travel impact his fate in the movie?

Time travel or the Quantum Realm are likely going to play a part in Endgame if all the rumors and speculation are to be believed. If this is the case, it’s hard to know how the scenes in the trailer actually happen chronologically. It’s possible that Tony is actually left in space again at the end of the movie, or time travel allows him to reunite with the Avengers in another timeline. Tony Stark is a genius, so his expertise and his use of technology will likely be needed in this movie to help the Avengers save the world. But, how the timeline all goes together might end up being much trickier than the trailers lead us to believe. It’s clear that Marvel doesn’t want us to know too much about this film, so there’s still a lot about Tony’s fate that’s up in the air.

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Now that you’ve seen the latest trailer, what do you think about Tony’s role in Endgame? What do you think will happen? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!