Crazy Ex-Girlfriend preview: Rebecca is trying to find her bliss this week


After quite a long break from the show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is back this week with Rebecca taking on acting and Greg opening up his father’s old restaurant.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is finally back after quite a break. From the beginning of February until now, we lived in a world without Rebecca and those characters from West Covina we’ve come to love. Is this what a world post-Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is going to feel like? It’s not going to be fun!

But this week, we have quite an amazing episode to look forward to! Rebecca is finally following her bliss, searching for that thing that makes her happy and, as we saw in the last episode, that just happens to be acting.

Throughout the series, we’ve seen glimpses of Rebecca being open about her theater past, loving the stage and never really exploring that as an adult because of her mother. She was forced into a career in law because Rebecca’s mother was dedicated to her daughter’s success. In her eyes, that meant that she had to have money and be successful and rich. For Rebecca, it is clearly a bit different.

She didn’t feel fulfilled, and now that she is going to auditions and following this passion, maybe she will find that happiness again. To be honest, it is an important message. For so many, theater is a part of their childhood and high school careers, and then it is pushed to the side because of success. Maybe that joy it brings is someone we should all keep in our lives, like Rebecca is now learning.

On the other side of West Covina, Greg Serrano is opening up his father’s old restaurant again. He moved back home without a real gameplan in mind and taking over the family business could give him the edge that he needs to feel back at home in West Covina.

Could everyone be finding their bit of happiness? Is Rebecca finally going to be happy in a healthy way? We’ll have to see on this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!

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