Star Wars Resistance: Will Tam join the First Order?


In this week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance, Tam feels betrayed by Yeager, and Agent Tierney offers her an opportunity with the First Order. Will she take it and join their ranks as a pilot?

When an opportunity comes knocking at your door, the last thing you want to do is pass it up. However, when that opportunity comes from the First Order, it’s more than okay to give them a hard no. The First Order are extremists, after all, and will not hesitate to strip you of your individuality.

Unfortunately for Tam, she doesn’t see any of that. She recognizes the First Order as a regime that has brought about order and security to her home. And so far, people like Agent Tierney have been far more “honest” with her than Yeager or Kaz. She’s found some sort of stability with them, but what does that mean for her future?

In “No Escape, Part 1,” Tierney offers Tam an opportunity to come with her. Tam has always wanted to fly, but the cards life dealt her have made things difficult for her. Every time she thought she was a few steps ahead and closer to getting the Fireball fixed, Kaz would do something that would set her back. Her talent as a pilot is being squandered, but according to Tierney, she could finally have the life she wants if she falls in line with the First Order.

It’s an enticing opportunity, but will Tam take it without talking things out with Yeager and Kaz and hearing their side of the story? There’s no doubting the truth behind Tierney’s words about what Yeager and Kaz did all season long, but there’s also no doubting how she makes them out to be criminals and uses this tactic to turn Tam away without considering the bigger picture. There are always two sides to the story, after all.

Will Tam join the First Order? To be honest, we hope so.

Tam is an “I have to see it to believe it” kind of person. In our opinion, no one is going to convince her of the First Order’s true nature. We think this is something she has to experience for herself and come to realize the truth on her own.

Plus, Tam being on the “inside” would give us a better understanding of how the First Order operates. Most importantly, we hope it will allow us to see the people beneath the helmets. Notice how we still have no clue what Captain Phasma, Commander Pyre, and Major Vonreg look like under their buckets.

Finally, Tam joining their ranks would also make for an intriguing storyline. We rarely see genuinely good people join the other side. Some of the best examples that come to mind originate from the novel, Lost Stars, by Claudia Gray. Tam standing on the other side of the line would undoubtedly generate drama between Team Fireball, and we honestly can’t wait for the tension that would cause.

For now, Tam remains on the fence, but it’s only a matter of time before she makes a decision.

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The final episode of Star Wars Resistance season 1, “No Escape, Part 2,” airs on Sunday, Mar. 17, on Disney Channel at 10 p.m. ET and on DisneyNOW.