You can ride through the Forbidden Forest on Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure


Universal just released new details on Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. Are you prepared to ride through the Forbidden Forest?

Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is the highly anticipated new adventure coming to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort. In true Universal fashion, this newest adventure looks to be the most immersive, thrilling adventure. Both Harry Potter fans and coaster-enthusiasts will be lining up to ride this epic adventure over and over again.

In the just-released details, Universal shares some of the experiences await fans in this newest Harry Potter attraction.

As with all of Universal’s Harry Potter experiences, the attention to detail is on point. While only glimpses of the actual ride are seen in this video, the area is bustling at Universal’s Islands of Adventure theme park. Having peaked over the fencing, this ride is expansive. From winding tracks to the landscape, this adventure is unlike other Universal attractions.

Having taken over part of the former Dragon Challenge area, this coaster offers a nice backdrop to Hogsmeade. The addition of over 1,200 live trees is a huge undertaking for Universal. Having a living landscape around the ride is different from other Universal attractions. It will be interesting to see how this ride changes as the trees grow and mature.

Given the choice of landscape, the new coaster seamlessly completes the Hogsmeade area. It will be visible but doesn’t interfere with other attractions. Overall, it works extremely well with the storytelling of the area.

Looking specifically at the storyline of the attraction, there are several interesting factors. First, using Hagrid as the center character is smart. Everyone seems to love Hagrid. He is affable, endearing and slightly different from the other Harry Potter characters. In a way, he is slightly more approachable.

Since Hagrid had such an appreciation for magical creatures, placing his storyline within the Forbidden Forest makes sense. Additionally, this setting allows Universal to showcase its immersive storyline in new and innovative ways.

Universal states that several creatures will be featured. Specifically Fluffy (the three-headed dog), Cornish Pixies, and Centaurs will play a role in this ride experience. Given the long, winding path of the coaster, it gives riders a chance to experience these creatures in various settings.

It remains to be seen how these creatures are incorporated into the ride. While Universal does use some animatronics on some experiences, the theme park has incorporated other technology. For example, in last year’s Fast and Furious ride, the theme park used 2D+ technology to have images appear 3D without the use of 3D glasses. This type of screen/projection could be used in this Harry Potter ride as well.

Also, Universal mentioned that the Devil’s Snare will be featured in the ride. The addition of real trees and a thicket could make this ride extreme. If Universal is able to make riders feel like they are entangled in trees, this experience could be beyond thrilling.

Looking specifically at the ride itself, the coaster looks to appease Dragon Challenge fans who still miss the iconic coaster. Top speeds are said to be 50 miles an hour. While not the fastest coaster, the speed is impressive.

Additionally, the ride will go both forward and backward. The two direction component should keep riders anticipating the next twist, turn or tunnel in the dark forest. Keeping riders guessing is always a key component to increasing the thrill factor.

The most interesting aspect of the roaster is the ride car itself. According to Universal’s description, there are two different experiences when riding this coaster. Just like in the books and the movie, there is the motorbike and the sidecar. Each area will be represented for this coaster.

This idea is quite curious. First, having two seats, side by side, with different experiences is unlike other coasters. Getting two different experiences in a single car is quite unique. If each experience is different, riders will be lining up to ride again and again. It will be interesting to see how each experience varies.

Lastly, this new coaster does bring a little bit of the darker side of Harry Potter to the forefront. During the summer, a new Dark Arts projection show will be debuting on Hogwarts castle. The inclusion of all aspects of the Harry Potter world is something that fans want. After all, some people identify with Slytherin over Gryffindor.

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While these new details are exciting, fans will have to wait until June 13 to take their own ride through the Forbidden Forest on Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure. Will you be there on opening day?