Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s engagement: Everything you need to know


Jennifer Lopez is thrilled after her now-fiancé Alex Rodriguez surprised her with a marriage proposal. Get all the tea on their engagement!

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are engaged, and insiders are spilling the tea on everything that’s known about their engagement and future. Get the full details below.

Jennifer Lopez is ecstatic about Alex Rodriguez’s proposal

Lopez feels “ecstatic” about Rodriguez’s proposal, an insider told People.

It also was a complete surprise to the songstress, because Rodriguez succeeded in telling just a few people about his plan to propose, according to the source.

In addition to Lopez’s thrilled response, the couple’s friends and families are delighted for the couple.

Ellen DeGeneres jokes she wants credit for the engagement

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres feels she should get a little credit for the engagement, Daily Mail reports.

When Lopez visited Ellen’s show, the talk show host gave her an enormous clock with a picture of Lopez and Rodriguez kissing.

“This is a clock; it’s basically to remind [Rodriguez] that time is ticking and he should hurry up and propose,” joked DeGeneres, giving her a reason to say now that she was the one who gave Rodriguez the push he needed to propose.

Alex Rodriguez picked the perfect location to propose

It’s “location, location, location” that counts in real estate. But we feel that’s just as true when it comes to a romantic proposal.

Rodriguez did it right, by choosing to propose to Lopez during their romantic trip to the Bahamas.

That location is a special place to both Rodriguez and Lopez, according to People’s insider. During the first part of their relationship, the couple “snuck away to the Bahamas to get to know each other in privacy,” the source explained.

Lopez and Rodriguez revealed their engagement on Instagram with an adorable photo showing her getting her engagement ring.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez enjoy their engagement

Rodriguez (who also shared an engagement photo on Instagram) and Lopez are taking time to enjoy their engagement before going back to work, the insider told People.

So when is the wedding? The couple doesn’t have wedding plans at this point in their engagement, but their future looks bright.

Rodriguez and Lopez are, of course, amazing as a couple and “very much soulmates that bring out the best in each other and are so supportive of each other,” according to People.

And for anyone who worries that romance is vanishing from life, the description of Rodriguez’s and Lopez’s relationship should be reassuring. Their romance progressed quickly and soon became a very passionate relationship, as the insider notes.

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Love at first sight apparently can really happen. The source also described Lopez as falling in love quickly with Rodriguez, and we can’t help but say “Aww!”