12 ways to get designer stuff without breaking the bank

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HERMES. Moon Stars Enamel Narrow Bracelet. Image via bagborroworsteal.com.

Bag Borrow or Steal

Just like the name suggest, this site is all about the handbags. And we are not just talking any handbags; we are talking high-end luxury bags. When I first heard the name Bag Borrow or Steal, I wasn’t sure what to think. But, once I read more about it I was curious enough to give them a try. And let me tell you, best decision ever (or worst depending on if you are my bank account).

I readily admit that I am obsessed with accessories, handbags, and shoes. Forget the clothes, I want the best purses, shoes, and jewelry. I want the accessories to make my outfit shine. And that’s why Bag Borrow or Steal is the kind of site I find addictive.

This is an online store that offers you the chance to buy new or pre-owned designer bags and accessories. And if you aren’t sure you want the bag for long, you can even rent a designer piece. So, if you have a wedding to go to or some corporate event where you want to look good, but don’t want to go out and buy something that screams “here I am,” Bag Borrow or Steal has you covered with its borrow program.

From vintage bags to newer styles, you can find something that fits what you want and be assured that you are getting a piece of high-quality designer fashion. From Dior to Valentino, this is a must-visit site for people like me who love their accessories but want to save some money.

You could easily pick up a vintage Dior crossbody bag that was originally $795 for just $240. And yes, that bag is now yours to do with as you please. Plus, the site will describe everything from its current condition to how big the bag is.

Or perhaps you want a piece from Hermès (I mean we all want a piece from them, it’s just a matter of affording it). At Bag Borrow or Steal, you could pick up an Hermès moon stars enamel bracelet for $240, down from its original $430 price tag. Maybe it’s just me but this is the kind of bracelet I would wear all day, every day.

And if you are just looking to rent a piece for a short time, that’s okay too. Who wouldn’t want the chance to carry a Louis Vuitton monogram tote? And at $250 for a month, it’s actually not a bad way to decide if you really want to invest (and yes it is an investment) in one of these designer bags for yourself.

I love the fact that I can borrow or buy from the site, because sometimes you find that you don’t love a piece as much as you thought you did. And the fact that you can snag such great deals on designer handbags means you won’t feel guilty the next time you break out that luxury purse for a night on the town.