12 ways to get designer stuff without breaking the bank

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Dolce & Gabbana Blue Jacquard Short Blazer Jacket. Image via overstock.com.


Most of us have all heard of Overstock, and we likely have an idea in our mind of what they carry. But, in reality this is a site that has it all and it is not just overstock goods. In fact, they even have a designer store for those of us looking to snag those designer goods without paying full price.

Not only do they have brands you may not have expected to find, but they also have deals you may not have realized you could get. I have shopped with Overstock for years, and was even one of their sellers when they tried to compete with eBay. This is a site that really will surprise you, especially with the savings.

With prices that seem to change every day, you will want to check back often for the best deals. And when they give you discount codes, stacking the savings can really help.

A stunning dress find I couldn’t resist is the Badgley Mischka blue ombre sequin mini dress. Not only do the colors pop in the best way, but at $254.49, you aren’t totally breaking the bank snagging a designer dress for a night on the town. Then again, this is a dress I would want to wear more often than that, so I feel like I would be going out a lot.

If you are a fan of Dolce & Gabbana, why not snag a pair of sandals from the brand? Not only are these T-strap sandals cute, and at $199.99, it’s a great selling point for G&B. Plus, the purple and pink of these sandals feel romantic and perfect for both spring and summer.

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When it comes to designer fashion, you don’t have to pay full price to have the high-end pieces in your closet. And while these designers are still pricey, even with discounts and savings at your disposal, we have to appreciate the idea that when we want to indulge our fashionista-side, we can for a much more affordable price.

Remember though, if you really want some of these discounted designer items, you have to move fast, because things sell out. And this is especially true if you are choosing the consignment option.