Harry Potter: Wizards Unite release a first look at the mobile game


Niantic has released a first look at the up and coming Wizarding World mobile adventure game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

Today, March 11, Niantic and WB Games released a huge amount of details about Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. We’ve got a first look at gameplay, along with answers to questions we have had for some time.

Released via the official blog of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, it opens up by giving us details on the story itself, and, as we have suspected for some time, a calamity has unfolded, magic is loose and threatening to expose the Wizarding World.

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What has caused this calamity is unknown and no doubt trying to find the answer will be part of the game. But, at first, your journey will begin as a new recruit for the Ministry of Magic as part of the  Statute of Secrecy Task Force. Along with investigating the cause of the calamity you are tasked with containing it as well.

We then get a look at how we can go about locating the magic running amok in the world. If you have played Pokémon GO, you will be familiar to AR technology and the same principles are being used in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept, you use your smart device to see the world of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite interact with the real world. For example, you may be looking at a tree, a perfectly ordinary tree, however, when using your smart device and pointing it at said ordinary tree, as if taking a video or photograph, you may discover a Bowtruckle is in the tree, which is only visible via the use of your smart device.

In order to find the magic, “traces” of magic will be highlighted in areas where magical “foundables,” can be located. Once you located the foundable in the traces, you will then need to use a combination of spells to send them back to the Wizarding World.

Similar to Pokémon GO, locations such as parks, campuses, zoos, libraries, etc, will be popular places to find traces of magic. But they can appear anywhere in the world.

When you do secure a foundable and send it back to the Wizarding World you will earn rewards. However, casting spells will cost you energy and you will need to visit certain locations to replenish your energy.

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Unique Wizarding World locations are also being introduced to the game as well. For example, Ollivander’s Wand Shop can be visited, in order to visit such places, you will need to keep an eye out on Portmanteaus, which will unlock Portkeys to take you to such locations.

Your combat skills can also be tested out. You need to visit “Fortresses” to do this, which can see you take on Death Eaters and Dementors and you can team up with friends in order to better your chances at defeating them.

And there is so much more. Including confirmation both Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts creatures will feature in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the ability to specialize in magical professions ,and more.

Check out the official Harry Potter: Wizards Unite blog here to see the details yourself and see the game footage play out as well. There is still no official release date, it is still pegged for the Summer of 2019 but no specific date has been set.

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What do you think of all the details released? Are you looking forward to Harry Potter: Wizards Unite? Drop a comment just below sharing your thoughts.