Captain Marvel mid-credit scene: Everything you need to know


Let’s talk about that revealing mid-credit scene from Captain Marvel, and what it previews for Avengers: Endgame.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame

Maybe you’ve just finished your first screening of Captain Marvel. Maybe you’re on your fifth screening. Or your seventh for that matter. Regardless, let’s talk about that mid-credit scene.

In the mid-credit scene for Captain Marvel, we see Black Widow, Bruce Banner, and Captain America are attempting to get a signal from Nick Fury’s pager when Carol shows up to return Fury’s call (well, page). Beyond letting us know that Captain Marvel survived Thanos’ snap (thankfully our theories were wrong about that), it also implies that the decimation and Fury’s final message to Carol happened awhile ago.

While we don’t know the battery life on Fury’s pager, we can assume his communication device can at least withstand an afternoon. Thus, we can assume it took the Avengers some time to track down Fury, leading them to his pager. The scene also suggests that Carol was at least several galaxies away, since her abilities to give her super speed and any alert from Fury would send her blasting towards Earth.

Also, Carol hasn’t aged at all since we last saw her in the ’90s, which could give us some clues on other hidden abilities. Carol’s age-defying appearance is best explained by Einstein’s theory of special relativity, as explained by Inverse. Granted, her ageless looks could also be linked to Kree DNA (begrudgingly thanks to Yon-Rogg).

Anti-aging genetics or powers aren’t great arsenals against the Eternal, or any Eternal. However, this hidden side ability could hint at Carol’s continual self-discovery of her powers over the years. After all, she’s had a decade to hone her abilities while she’s been saving lives across the universe.

The post-credit scene has sparked an even greater curiosity over what heroic ventures Captain Marvel embarked on before her ’90s timeline linked up with the present day MCU. Nevertheless, the Captain Marvel mid-credit scene essentially serves to bridge the gap between Carol Danvers’ recent origin story and the current crisis at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. Since this mid-credit scene will likely serve as some of the introductory moments in Avengers: Endgame, it could also lead to some awkward and tense moments between the heroes.

Given Carol’s history with the Supreme Intelligence’s manipulation, deception, and attempted genocide, we can assume her initial meet and greet won’t include big bonding moments with the snap’s survivors. Carol’s going to have some questions for the trio and the trio is going to have some queries for her as well.

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