Captain Marvel post-credit scene: Everything you need to know


The post-credit scene in Captain Marvel seemed like a self-explanatory ominous scene, while still giving us plenty to wonder about.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel obviously gave us Carol Danvers’ origin story as a super-powered hero and her heroic moniker. When the film wasn’t introducing us to her abilities, it also gave us a brief lesson about corrupt intergalactic politics, squandered misconceptions about Skrulls, and an abbreviated course on alien physiology.

Since Goose the Flerken was a scene stealer in her mom’s titular movie, it’s only natural Goose would also steal the post-credit scene. We’ve seen younger Fury, Flerkens, and space fleets, but now we’re ready to delve into how Captain Marvel‘s post-credit scene impacts Avengers: Endgame.

Per usual with MCU mid and post-credits, the mid-credit scene tends to lead into the next film whereas the post-credit is an add-on. Captain Marvel‘s post-credit scene shows Goose the Flerken puking up not a hairball but the Tesseract onto Nick Fury’s desk. He’s gonna want some galactic sanitary wipes for that mess.

The big question for us is when Goose hocked up that cosmic hairball.

We’ve really got two options here, one more likely than the other. Because the mid-credit scene synced Carol Danvers to the impending Avengers: Endgame timeline, Goose’s post-credit scene could mean the space cat coughed up the Tesseract in the current MCU timeline.

However, for fans who think that may be an option, it’s important to note Nick Fury likely doesn’t have an office at all anymore with the whole storyline of HYDRA infiltrating S.H.I.EL.D. and Fury going off to hunt down other HYDRA cells. We just hope Goose still has an adorable cat bed somewhere, somehow, and is being taken care of.

Thus, the post-credit scene’s significance is mostly to remind us of Goose’s abilities to swallow cosmic objects, and puke them up whether we want them or not.

For Flerken fans everywhere, we know Captain Marvel doesn’t even begin to describe how powerful Goose is. Even based on our comic book Flerken knowledge, there’s still a lot we don’t know about Flerken powers, physiology, and lifespan. One interesting characteristic though about them is Flerkens harness nearly infinite pocket dimensions at the source of their tentacles, and they have the potential of harnessing entire universes in their cute, but deadly, muzzles.

While Goose’s post-credit furcube more likely takes place sometime in the vague pre-Infinity War timeline, we’re still counting on Goose’s other abilities to help the Avengers. We still have faith that Goose and her impending Flerkittens will help our heroes defeat Thanos.

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