15 books making their way to the big screen in 2019

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The Sun Is Also A Star

Ry Russo-Young directs this magnificent drama which brings to life the book of the same title, written by Nicola Yoon.

The film involves raises beautiful questions about faith and love while following two teenagers of different races as they fall deeply in love with each other. Yara Shahidi plays character Natasha, a Jamaican-American who becomes entangled with Daniel, a Korean-American played by Charles Melton.

The coming-of-age tale creates a discussion of the current political and cultural climate in the US with its mention of the immigration system that Natasha and her family struggle with as they are undocumented immigrants in America. Similarly, Daniel deals with issues of culture as he is pushed to live the “proper” Korean-American dream, which does not match up with his goals.

Together, Natasha and Daniel help each other to understand their place in society, accept who they are, and make positive changes in their lives. Though their love for each other climaxes quickly, audiences will be in awe at the strength and understanding of their relationship.

Later in the film, Natasha’s family is deported back to Jamaica even after Daniel’s attempt to find a way for them to stay. Distance hurts their relationship and it fizzles out over their time apart. But, what happens when they see each other ten years later? You’ll have to be in the theater on May 17 to find out!