15 books making their way to the big screen in 2019

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Wounds is the film adaptation of the 2015 book, “The Visible Filth” written by the talented Nathan Ballingrud. This psychological thriller follows Will, played by Armie Hammer, a New Orleans bartender who has been doing a great job of simply being content in life, flirting with the ladies, having surface relationships, being a little too cocky, and living as a non-extraordinary average joe.

But when Will finds a cellphone that was left behind at his bar after a violent encounter with a riled-up drunk customer, his world is turned into a living nightmare full of inexplicable and disturbing events that will have the audience cringing. This smartphone that is now in Will’s possession has an evil aura that seems to be causing all the bad in Will’s life, as terrifying and disturbing images begin to appear on the phone.

Will’s curiosity about the images leads him on a journey alongside his roommate Carrie, played by Dakota Johnson, that turns into an obsessive psychological adventure. Though, on the surface, it may seem like Will is becoming crazier and crazier the longer he has this phone, he is actually becoming more sane and self-aware, realizing that his life needs some reexamining.

This film is set to hit the big screens on March 29.