15 books making their way to the big screen in 2019

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The Informer

Based on the popular 2009 Swedish novel Three Seconds from Anders Roslund and Borge Hellstrom, The Informer is hitting the big screen on Aug. 16. As you probably expect from the title, this will definitely leave you on the edge of your seat as time and strategy are the names of the game in this dark thriller.

This British action crime movie is directed by Andrea Di Stefano and stars Ana de Armas, Rosamund Pike, Joel Kinnaman, and Clive Owens, to name a few. The story follows the character of Pete Koslow, played by Kinnaman, who works undercover as a spy and tell-all for the FBI. Koslow is definitely the right guy for the job since he knows all the ins and outs of crime, as he used to be a tough criminal himself. His job in this film is to infiltrate the drug business of a Polish mob in NYC.

Things heat up when Koslow ends up in the last place he wants to be back at again…prison, the same prison he was recently released from. And, as time ticks away in the cell he may be discovered as an undercover agent. Will Koslow make it out of prison alive? Or, is this the end of this reformed bad guy?

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