15 books making their way to the big screen in 2019

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The Call of the Wild

Jack London’s famous 1903 novel, The Call of the Wild, is making its second movie debut after an original film graced the screens in 1935. Audiences just can’t get enough of this epic tale! It’s getting a whole new makeover, too, as this version will mix live-action shots with CGI animation.

The adventure takes place in Yukon, Canada during the Klondike Gold Rush. Our protagonist is a dog named Buck, who works as a sled dog by force after being stolen from his home in California and sold to accommodate the high demand of dogs needed for the gold rush. Buck quickly learns to fight his way to the top of the chain as he must put away his domestic tendencies and live a more feral lifestyle like the other sled dogs. Instinct and the need to survive are what drive Buck forward.

Though the central character is a canine, he is played by Terry Notary, who specializes in stunts and movements and often plays animals onscreen. There are also some much-loved actors you’ll get a peek of. That includes Harrison Ford, who definitely knows how to rock adventure films.

Get ready for this second adaptation of Call of the Wild, and be sure to be in your theatre seat, popcorn in hand, on Christmas Day 2019!