Brooklyn Nine-Nine review: Amy Santiago just wants to be the Golden Girl


When Amy Santiago’s brother, David (Lin-Manual Miranda), comes to town, the battle of the siblings rages on as Holt and Terry help Boyle crack a case!

Amy Santiago is a competitive person and on this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, we see why. The Santiago family is big and filled with Amy’s seven brothers but her relationship with her brother David (Lin-Manuel Miranda) is one of the reasons that she tries so hard to be perfect.

David Santiago just happened to become a Lieutenant, doing so to make more money to give back to his partner’s family when he thought his partner was going to die. Which, when Amy learned that tidbit of information, it made her abandon a “choking” Jake at the table.

Throughout the episode, David Santiago ends up being framed by some crooked cops he was trying to uncover and it resulted in Amy and Jake having to help him prove that he is innocent, even if Amy wants to just let him get murdered by the Brazilian drug dealers that David is trying to get information out of.

The two continue to battle about being the better sibling (with a fun dance-off) while Jake is trying to remind them that they are working to get information so that David can clear his name. Unfortunately, that means that Amy and David escape with the paperwork while the Brazilian drug dealers (that Jake continually talks about because they’re beautiful) kidnap Jake.

This week’s episode actually ends up being beautiful though because even when Amy’s mother continues to praise David (while, yes, Amy helped him), she realizes that the only thing she cares about are the people in her life. When she thought that they were going to succeed in kidnapping Jake, she wanted to save him no matter what. That didn’t stop Jake from giving Amy’s mother a piece of his mind but still, it was beautiful to watch Amy stop trying to be perfect and just try to save Jake.

While all of this was going down, Boyle tried to cast a community production of “Undercover Cop In Holding” and keeps pitting Holt and Terry up against each other. At first, Terry is mad and then when he gets thrown into holding too, Boyle keeps pulling him back out to give him weird notes.

Don’t worry though, Boyle knew exactly what he was doing. By showing the man he was trying to break his cards, he could then sneak Rosa into holding and use her to find out the information he needed. It ended up working and both Terry and Holt being impressed with Boyle (while being mad he tricked them) but Rosa got the information they needed.

Overall, it was a pretty incredible episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and hopefully now that Lin-Manuel Miranda made an appearance as David, we can start to learn more about Amy’s brothers!

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