How is the patriarchy represented within the wizarding world?


While we have looked to Hermione Granger and Minerva McGonagall as icons, the patriarchy is alive and well within Voldemort’s version of the wizarding world.

Thanks to Mugglenet, we can look at the role the patriarchy plays in the Harry Potter series and see how it truly is reflected within Voldemort and his Death Eaters. Throughout most of the wizarding world, women are seen as equals. Hermione Granger was easily the Minister of Magic without problem, but in Voldemort’s world? It was the men who held the power.

Clearly, there were other problems that Voldemort had as a leader but he also discounted all the women who would willingly follow him. (Again, they have bigger issues than just being second fiddle to a man but still.)

So, is that a metaphor for the patriarchy as a whole and is the rest of the wizarding world how we can combat it? Or maybe it just happens to be a side effect to the kind of person that Voldemort is. His views are the end all be all, he’s not really open to other ideas and what those around him have to say, he just wants loyalty.

With that loyalty comes a group of people who will just willingly submit to Voldemort and what he believes and maybe the idea of the patriarchy being alive in Voldemort is more a representation of Voldemort and his beliefs as a character. Then again, Voldemort is the worst so are we surprised at all?

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Do you think it is a good representation of what the patriarchy stands for? Or do you think that there is a better representation in the series? Let us know what you think in the comments below!