Learn Brie Larson’s workout routine to get your own superhero muscles


Brie Larson got super into shape so she could be superhero strong for Captain Marvel. You can try a few of her workout moves to feel like a superhero yourself.

Captain Marvel is a hero we all can look up to. While none of us have alien superpowers or the ability to do things like fly or have super strength (at least that we know of), we can at least emulate Brie Larson’s workout routine.

It’s no secret to fans of Larson and Captain Marvel that she went through a lot of physical training in preparation for the role. As the first woman to star in a female-led Marvel movie, Larson definitely took this role and character to heart and wanted to give it her all.

In an interview with People, Larson talked a little more about her training process, saying, “I carved out nine months, and was like ‘I’m going to hit it as hard as I can and see how far I could go.”

The tagline for the film is “higher, further, faster,” and its sounds like Larson used this as inspiration. She continued by adding, “I was able to get way further than I ever thought I would ever get to in my life. I never thought I’d be able to deadlift 225 pounds, never thought I could hip thrust 400 pounds, I didn’t even know hip thrust existed before and so that was great.”

If you want to get superhero strong just like Larson, you can follow these three things and add them to your workout routine. Here are a few of the moves and workouts that Larson did to get so strong.

Try a few of these beginner moves

If you’re looking for some simple moves you can do at home that Larson tried, try a few of these that her personal trainer, Jason Walsh, had her do.

Simple hip thrusts

This is a simple move that involves lying on the floor with your knees and feet on the ground. You just lift up and flex your butt and thigh muscles and hold and repeat reps. You can make this move harder by holding a weight on your hips as you do so.


Push-ups are a great way to get stronger, and you can try some of Larson’s push-up drills. Once you learn how to do a regular push up successfully, you can start by adding more weight on your back to get really strong. When Larson was done training, she could do these push-ups with weighted chains of about 50 pounds on her back!

Bulgarian split squat

This move is a combo lunge/squat exercise that’s bound to get your legs feeling the burn. You start in a low-lunge position, with one knee touching the ground. Then, raise up (be sure to keep your back straight) and go back to the starting position. Switch sides after one full up and down. To step it up a notch, you can hold weights in each hand for the added burn.

Strength training using Judo

In the interview, Larson mentions that she also uses Judo as a way to strengthen her muscles and change her posture. She mentioned that Judo helps your back get stronger by utilizing all of those muscles, and, while it will leave you feeling sore, you’ll end up feeling a lot more capable than before.

Mixed martial arts and boxing

Larson mentioned that she did a lot of martial arts training as well as boxing to get strong and learn how to fight. She said that, “I love the space my brain gets into when I’m doing it. It’s like a meditation. It really sticks with me, and it’s profoundly changed the way I live my life.”

While it might be difficult to get to the point of pushing a Jeep up a hill without doing some intense training for months at a time, you can incorporate boxing or martial arts into your own workouts.

Whether you’re trying to get really strong or just want to be inspired by an amazing woman like Captain Marvel, these workout ideas are a great place to start. Plus, you’ll be thinking of Captain Marvel the whole time and be motivated to push harder.

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