These Adidas x Captain Marvel shoes are worthy of Carol Danvers herself


If you’re still debating what kind of Captain Marvel swag best fits your style, these new shoes from Adidas, Jen Bartel, and Foot Locker may be the answer.

Tie-in merchandise can be a tough field to navigate, especially with superhero movies. Sometimes, you don’t want a shirt that says the title of the movie. Sometimes, in fact, you need something that’s worth the investment.

There might just be a new option for fans, especially fans who love themselves some sneakers: a pair of Adidas shoes designed by artist Jen Bartel.

Suffice it to say, they’re glorious, but we’ll just let the clip roll.

Just look at them. They’re so pretty, and who can’t use another pair of shoes? Since the star is not massive, these could easily pass as regular sneakers for when you need a less obvious look but still want the world to know you’re a fan of Carol Danvers. You could even do some nods to Carol’s grunge-inspired on-Earth look, and leave the pop of color to the shoes themselves.

In case you needed something else to marvel over, pun not intended but definitely appreciated, Bartel also posted her accompanying illustration:

As has been made clear in the illustration, these shoes will be at Foot Locker. As of this writing, there’s no way to pre-order them online, but expect them to sell out pretty quickly come March 8 — if they go online at all. (It’s likely that they will, because Foot Lockers aren’t everywhere, and this seems like one of the campaigns that could benefit from some online shopping. However, that’s just a guess at this time.)

It’s also nice to see that tie-ins for Captain Marvel aren’t just the traditional feminine collections. Yes, the Her Universe line is nice. But getting Captain Marvel sneakers and even boxing gloves shows that this isn’t just a merchandising push where those with more traditionally feminine interests get to have all the fun. No matter your hobbies, there’s probably some merch for you to enjoy too. It’s a small, but important step forward for how this movie — and all future movies — can improve representation.

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Both these shoes and Captain Marvel officially arrive on March 8.