6 animated movies that we wished had theme park attractions


Animated movies hold a special place in many people’s hearts. As theme parks expand, these six movies would make perfect theme park attractions.

As Disney puts the final touches on Galaxy’s Edge and Universal prepares for Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, fans wonder why some popular animated movies do not have their own theme park attractions. From popular princesses to mythical dragons, these movies would make entertaining experiences that fans would flock to see.

Some of the most popular theme park attractions are based on popular movies and characters. For example, the intricate details in the Wizard World of Harry Potter bring those books and movies into the real world. Just like the fan who watches a movie over and over, these experiences bring the fan closer to their fandom.

With that ideal in mind, here are six animated movies that would make amazing theme park attractions.

How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon has had epic tails in both the movies and television. Given how the dragons take flight, wouldn’t it be memorable to jump on the back of Toothless and take flight like Hiccup?

With the immense popularity of this story, it would make for a perfect attraction. An immersive experience where guests fly on the back of dragons would make sense. Guests could choose their dragon or it could be assigned randomly. Plus, the storyline could change as well.

In all, this type of attraction would appeal to a wide variety of ages. Plus, simulated flying rides are extremely popular. Just look at the waits for the banshee ride at Pandora in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Mulan celebrates 20-year anniversary. Screengrab via Disney Movies On Demand/YouTube Movies Trailers.


With Mulan having its 20th anniversary, isn’t this Disney princess worthy of her own attraction? While Mulan has been incorporated into parts of Epcot’s China, she could be the basis for her own personal experience.

Showing grit and determination, Mulan and her story could be an epic adventure including potential interactive experiences. Maybe guests could even show off their own fighting moves.

The Secret Life of Pets

As The Secret Life of Pets 2 will be coming out soon, those adorable-yet-mischievous pets could definitely earn their own theme park attraction. Although Universal uses the characters in its parades, doesn’t everyone really want to know what pets do when their human parents are away?

Just as the Minions ride has riders turn into Minions, maybe riders could become pets for the experience. Maybe it would answer the ever-nagging question of why dogs drink out of toilets.


In today’s world, waste is an epidemic. WALL-E, even with its few words, shows the dangers of human excess. The message behind this movie is timely and needs to be heard again. Given Epcot’s new expansion, it would be nice to see this movie have its own experience. Even an educational aspect could be important. After all, since you can’t get a straw at a theme park, maybe it could have people think twice about buying another disposable plastic bottle.

Moana (2016). Photo Credit: Walt Disney Animation Studios


The epic adventures of Moana could make for a wild ride for fans. Just think how guests could jump on the boat with Moana on an epic adventure. With Maui’s shape-shifting on the search for the hook, the storyline could be quite intriguing. Plus, it would be nice for Disney to have more emphasis on women-driven rides and attractions.

Big Hero 6

Baymax has been appearing at Disney parks more and more. As one of the highest-grossing Disney animated movies, it is curious that Baymax doesn’t have some type of attraction in the works. Based on the movie, guests could help become part of the superhero team to fight evil. Plus, look at all the real world robots and microbots that are part of today’s society. It could be part reality and part make-believe.

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What animated movies would you want to be transformed into theme park attractions?