Kate Middleton reveals Princess Charlotte’s nickname, and it’s royally adorable


Kate Middleton and the entire royal family are known for nicknames, and we nominate Princess Charlotte’s precious nickname as the sweetest.

Did you know that Kate Middleton actually has a different name? Kate is her nickname, while Catherine is her full name. And in keeping with British royal family tradition, Prince Harry’s full name is Henry rather than Harry.

So it seems only fitting that Middleton has come up with an adorable nickname for her daughter, Princess Charlotte, which we only just learned. Get ready to “awwww!”

The Duchess of Cambridge is typically a private person when it comes to sharing details about her royal family. But a UK blogger, Laura-Ann, recently shared on her Instagram Story a close encounter of the cute kind that included the discovery of what Middleton has chosen as  Charlotte’s nickname.

The encounter took place at Windsor Park Stadium in late February, as People reports. Laura-Ann had decided to take her own child, a 2-year-old named George, to the location at the same time as Kate and Prince William visited Northern Ireland.

George’s mommy had her wish of seeing Middleton not just fulfilled but taken one step further: She got to talk with Kate!

During their chat, Middleton asked the other mom about the age of her other son. When she learned that he was 4, Kate said that he was the “same age as Lottie.”

Bingo: We now know that Middleton calls Princess Charlotte “Lottie.” How cute is that?

Now, the royal mommy previously shared her other adorable nickname for little Charlotte. When Kate was doing her Christmas shopping at a U.K. discount store, The Range, with her daughter and son, observers heard her calling to Princess Charlotte.

“Get up, Poppet,” Middleton urged her daughter, who was seated on the floor near her brother George.

Fans of the Royals may be wondering if Princess Charlotte/Poppet/Lottie (a princess by any name) will have another brother or sister in the future?

Kate recently commented on a cute baby who she noticed during her visit to Northern Ireland. “He’s gorgeous,” Middleton told the baby’s father. “It makes me feel broody.”

The daring dad asked Kate about the possibility of another baby in her own life, and she joked that William “would be a little worried.”

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Which of Kate Middleton’s nicknames for Charlotte do you think is cuter: Poppet or Lottie? Share your royal views below.