Where is Thanos during Captain Marvel’s timeline?


Where is Thanos during his future enemy’s time in the limelight? Will the “Mad Titan” regret not vanquishing a young Carol Danvers in the beginning?

The fight between the Avengers and the complex villain himself, Thanos, will continue on into the upcoming Avengers: Endgame movie. After wiping out half of the population of the universe in Avengers: Infinity War, things are looking grim for our heroes. Our only source of hope currently lies on the shoulders of the newest female superhero. Called to the battle by Nick Fury’s distress signal at the end of Infinity War, we can only hope that this means Fury knows that Captain Marvel will be able to get the job done. Look out, Thanos.

So, while he remains possibly oblivious to the highly anticipated heroine’s existence, what keeps him occupied during her training towards becoming the powerful Captain Marvel?

First, we know that Captain Marvel takes place in 1995. During this time, Thanos has already begun his journey towards obtaining the Infinity Stones and gathering his underlings of The Black Order, trying to bring balance to the galaxy. This includes wiping out half of the Zen-Whoberi population, which just so happened to be on his adopted daughter Gamora’s home planet.

Given Gamora is estimated to be about 28 years old, it’s likely that Thanos was adopting a young Gamora as his while Captain Marvel takes place.

What led Thanos on his conquest to balance the universe? Before he was known as the evil villain we know now, Thanos was born a mutated Titan, shunned by his people because of how he looked. Nevertheless, Thanos continues to live on his home planet of which he deeply loved.

When his home planet was in danger of overpopulation, Thanos suggested ridding themselves of half the number of people, in an effort to restore balance once again. His people, of course, did not side with his idea and eventually, Titan fell. A distraught Thanos felt the need to bring his idea out to the rest of the universe. Thinking that such a plan was logical after seeing that the people on Zen-Whoberi prospered post-massacre, he continued to collect the Infinity Stones to take on the entire universe.

Will Captain Marvel be able to stop Thanos and restore the rest of the universe back to the way it was? Does this timeline crossover mean the powerful heroine will have an idea of what’s to come in the near future? All will be revealed in the coming months.

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