Saturday Night Live review: Ben Stiller testifies as Michael Cohen


Saturday Night Live returned with a fantastic show hosted by John Mulaney. Plus, Ben Stiller joined in on the fun again to reprise his role as Michael Cohen.

Saturday night marked a huge LOL-worthy episode for Saturday Night Live once again. Comedian John Mulaney returned to host for a second time, and he was joined by Thomas Rhett as the musical guest.

Mulaney really shined in this episode of SNL — but that was a given, considering the last time he hosted was just as good. For once in this show’s long, long season, Mulaney actually brought a funny monologue to the show that matched the hilarity of the cold open. And to that, I can say I’m thoroughly impressed.

You’ll want to check out these three must-watch sketches, which includes a full-on musical! And, you can’t miss the best part of Saturday’s show, the cold open, which features two powerhouse comedians parodying the Michael Cohen testimony from this week.

Cold Open

Of course, SNL had to parody the biggest news of the week: the Michael Cohen testimony. As we’ve all learned by now, anything political going on under Trump’s watch is bound to be inherently hilarious just because.

SNL probably had no hard time at all writing this parody, which featured Ben Stiller returning as Michael Cohen. But, there was a bonus guest to be seen… Bill Hader returned to play Congressman Jim Jordan, and (of course) his impression was spot on.


It’s been so long since I genuinely laughed out loud at a monologue. John Mulaney came back to SNL with fresh material, and he covered a lot of ground, too. From talking about his interreligious marriage to the male and female voices on MTA trains, Mulaney had a great set of jokes for just a short amount of time.

Honestly, I could have watched the whole show with just Mulaney pulling a comedy routine. Hey, Netflix, we need more John Mulaney specials ASAP.

Weekend Update

Weekend Update felt rather short this week. But that’s alright. I was hoping for two guest spots in between the news reading, but there was only one this week. That took the form of Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant going on about a meat basket made from exception animals. Not the best guests on Update, but at least Michael Che and Colin Jost’s jokes made up for it.

Three must-see sketches

Bathroom Bodega

Meet the sequel to Diner LobsterSNL really pulled out all the stops on this sketch, and it was really a mini-musical produced in just a few minutes. Cue Bathroom Bodega. This is what Saturday Night Live is all about: spectacle, song, and silliness. I know the playing field is wide open when it comes to digital, pre-recorded skits, but nothing beats a well-planned live sketch. Bravo.

Toilet Death Ejector

This shouldn’t be funny, and yet here I am, laughing about a digital short that’s about embarrassing bathroom deaths. There’s probably a special spot in the Bad Place for people who laugh at seniors being launched from toilets at high speeds. But I will admit, I laughed a little too much at this ridiculous concept, and you probably will, too.

Chad Horror Movie

Pete Davidson doesn’t get a lot of time to do characters on the show, but one I hate to love is Chad. His spaced out demeanor always gets him out of tricky situations… but does Chad have what it takes to stop *gasp* a serial killer?

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Next week, March 9, Idris Elba heads to 30 Rock to host SNL for the first time. He’ll be joined by Khalid as the musical guest.