Captain Marvel: What to know about Talos before watching


Need to brush up on your Captain Marvel characters before the premiere? We’ve got you covered on the big questions that might come up about Talos.

Every superhero movie has to have a villain — or at least an antagonist. Some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s haven’t always been the best, while others have inspired adoration in the fans. How will they receive Captain Marvel‘s villain, Talos? Will he have some development of his own?

We’ll find out March 8. Until then, here’s what you need to know about him.


Also known as Talos the Untamed in the comics, he is a Skrull. Unlike the rest of the species, Talos doesn’t have the ability to shapeshift, but he makes up for that with his strength, which can combat the likes of the Hulk.

That’s a lot of strength. He also has a cybernetic eye after losing his natural one in battle.

However, Captain Marvel isn’t going that route, as he’s played by Ben Mendelsohn, who obviously looks like Ben Mendelsohn in previews. In other words, this Talos can change his appearance when need be.

Marvel Studios’ CAPTAIN MARVEL..Agent Keller (Ben Mendelsohn) ..Photo: Film Frame..©Marvel Studios 2019

What’s his role in the film?

Aside from being the big bad, he’s undercover on Earth for the Skrulls.

He also happens to be Nick Fury’s superior officer at SHIELD. Speaking of which… SHIELD really seems to have a consistent problem with its internal ranks not actually being SHIELD. But that’s another issue entirely.

Will he be the one to take Nick Fury’s eye?

Honestly, that would be a fun twist on the comics. Rather than Talos losing his eye in battle, it’s Fury who loses his eye to Talos. If Fury trusts Carol Danvers, he’ll trust her and follow her into battle.

And the rest will be history.

Will we see Captain Marvel face off against him?

It’s probably going to be her facing off against him and an army of Skrulls behind him. But you can bet we’ll have some fun combat scenes between those two. Or at the very least, him and Fury.

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