Captain Marvel: What to know about Nick Fury before watching


Need to brush up on your Nick Fury history before Captain Marvel? We’ve got you covered on the basics and the big questions that might come up in the film.

Captain Marvel will grace movie screens soon and will introduce a bunch of characters, some new and some familiar (just younger). Carol Danvers’ universe is something that’s barely been touched upon in the MCU. So be prepared for a crazy ride.

We’re here to give you a quick overview of some of the key characters in the film, just so you’re ready come March 8th. It’s time to look at a younger Nick Fury.

Unique characteristics

Look, Nick Fury doesn’t have any superpowers. And going back to the 1990s? He’s going to have a lot less experience, especially since he’s not Director of SHIELD yet.

He’s not going to be the standard angry, no-BS Samuel L. Jackson character we know and love. Hold onto your butts.

Will we see him become friends with Phil Coulson?

We’re all excited for the return of Clark Gregg’s Agent Coulson, and we know that he and Fury meet for the first time in this film.

But we want to see a budding friendship between these two. Fury trusts Coulson throughout the rest of the MCU films that follow; we should know why. Or at least have some offhand comments to show some kind of kinship.

Will we see that iconic pager?

You know it has to pop up! If it doesn’t show up at the end, then perhaps that’s how it all starts—with Carol giving Fury the pager after she crashes on Earth. Maybe it’s the only form of communication she knows. Heck, pagers were all the rage in the ’90s…

Will we see Nick Fury lose his eye?

Everyone has theorized about this for the last 10 years, ever since that post-credits stinger in Iron Man. All we’ve been told, in a comment to Captain America, is that the last time Fury trusted someone, he lost an eye.

If Fury’s still a bit of a newbie at S.H.I.E.L.D. with little to no superhero experience under his belt, he may give Carol his all, trusting her implicitly—or at least enough to get into some very sticky situations.

Sticky situations where he loses an eye.

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