Captain Marvel: What to know about Carol Danvers before watching


If you’re unfamiliar with Captain Marvel, don’t even worry. We have you covered with an overview of the main characters we’ll see in the film.

Captain Marvel will grace movie screens soon and will introduce a bunch of characters, some new and some familiar (just younger). Carol Danvers’ world is something that’s barely been touched upon in the MCU. So be prepared for a crazy ride.

We’re here to give you a quick overview of some of the key characters in the film, just so you’re ready come March 8. First up, it’s Captain Marvel herself!


Carol Danvers has superhuman everything: strength, durability, stamina, and agility. These we’ll definitely see in the movie. She can propel herself through the air and even fly through the vacuum of space unaided (think: Tony Stark rescue mission).

But the biggest one is probably her energy manipulation, which we’ve seen in trailers and commercials. She can control and absorb energy and discharge it however she wants. Her photonic blasts shoot from her hands (and sometimes her eyes) and have a fair amount of power.

Unique characteristics

She is half-Kree. And we’re not talking Project TAHITI like Phil Coulson in Agents of SHIELD. Her father is a former US Navy officer and her mother is Mari-Ell, a champion of the Kree.

She’s also very much a soldier. Being in the Air Force and then working on Starforce, a Kree superhero team, she’s never not been in service somewhere, and that should show on how she handles everything.

When will she give Nick Fury that pager?

It’s one of the questions we’re dying to know the answer to, ever since that Infinity War post-credits stinger. We knew Carol Danvers would get roped in somehow. She had to.

You have to believe it’s going to happen in the last fifteen minutes, with some sort of snarky remark to Fury about not using it too often… which will make him angry and explain why he didn’t use it when the Chitauri arrived in New York back in 2012.

How will she help defeat Thanos?

Okay, this isn’t one that will get answered during Captain Marvel. But you can bet we’re going to get a glimpse of her true powers and what’s going to come into play in Avengers: Endgame.

It’s definitely going to make waiting for April 26 that much harder.

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