13 villains perfectly bad for the Disney Villains series coming to Disney+


There’s a Disney Villains television series coming to Disney+, and we can’t wait to see some of our favorite bad guys in action once again.

If there’s anything Disney fans love, it’s a compelling villain. When it comes to creating antagonists, Disney knows how to handle it—creating villains that range from being cunning and dangerous to straight up hilarious. And given Disney’s expertise at bringing iconic bad guys to life, it’s no surprise that fans are eager to see more of them.

That’s part of why the news that a Disney Villains series will be coming to the Disney+ streaming service was so exciting for fans. The announcement was made earlier this week, confirming that the new series will bring some of Disney’s most loved (and hated) villains together to do their scheming.

The Disney Villains series is being developed by Steve Pearlman and Michael Seitzman. Given Pearlman’s experience on Once Upon a Time, it’s clear that he knows how to recreate well-known fairytale characters—villains included. We can only hope that talent translates to this series.

Not much else has currently been revealed about the Disney+ series, but when it comes to which villains will make appearances, Pearlman and Seitzman have plenty of characters to choose from. These are a few of the Disney villains we’d love to see in action again.


Hercules’ Hades is one of the most-loved villains from a Disney movie, and it’s not difficult to understand why. While Hades certainly has moments where he loses his cool, he’s undeniably one of the most comical bad guys around—whether he’s trying to be or not. His humor alone would make the new Disney Villains series that much better, but we’d also love to see more of the Underworld.

It’d also be a riot to see Hades interacting with the other Disney villains. We already know that none of them exactly play well with others, and it’s probably safe to assume that a few of them would make Hades turn from blue to red in just a matter of seconds.


Ursula from The Little Mermaid is a clever villain, so much so that she convinced Ariel to forfeit her voice to her—and it would have been a permanent situation if things had gone according to plan. Thankfully, Ariel and her friends wind up being a tad more resourceful than Ursula expects.

Even still, Ursula is one of the more cunning Disney villains out there. We’d love to see her team up with Maleficent or the Queen of Hearts, a formidable girl gang if there ever was one. Ursula’s scheming would also go far with the help of Jafar, as the two set some of the highest stakes in the classic Disney films.


Aladdin‘s Jafar is another one of those villains who wants to be taken seriously, and sometimes, he should be. While we want the Disney Villains series to have plenty of comedy scattered throughout, it’s also important to have those villains that actually raise the stakes. And apart from Ursula, Jafar’s probably the most talented at wreaking havoc. I mean, he even turned into a giant genie during Aladdin‘s sequel.

If the Disney+ series is planning to get dark from time to time, it’ll need Jafar in it. Plus, we’d love to see his magic mesh with Ursula’s and Maleficent’s.


Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty is another villain who raises the evil bar, and her magic would only make the Disney+ series more compelling. We’d love to see her go head-to-head with Hades, and watching her team up with—or butt heads with—Ursula and Jafar would be something special. On top of that, dragons make every series better, and you know she’ll be turning into one at some point.

Just imagining the other villains’ faces in response to that transformation is enough to make us want to watch the Disney Villains series.


Any Disney villain with an entire song about them is a keeper, and Beauty and the Beast‘s Gaston meets that criteria. Gaston is a villain that’s hard to take seriously, perhaps because of his enormous ego, but his charm can prove dangerous at times.

If Gaston does appear in the Disney Villains series, it’ll be interesting to find out whether the other villains fall for his charm or scoff at it. We have a feeling that most of them will do the latter. Who knows, maybe we’ll even see a little humility from Gaston when he sees forces like Maleficent and Hades in action. (Somehow, we doubt it.)

Captain Hook

Peter Pan‘s Captain Hook is another humorous villain, and he’s certainly iconic enough to warrant at least a cameo in the Disney Villains series. Honestly, though, it’d be interesting to see him play a bigger role in a more modern series, and we’d love to see Neverland again too. It’s unclear how Captain Hook would get along with the other bad guys on this list, but he might attempt to make a few of them walk the plank.

Cruella de Vil

It’s hard to hear the name Cruella de Vil and not burst into song—as Roger would put it, if she doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will. Her character is one of the most eccentric in 101 Dalmations. And as far as villains go, it’s hard to find a Disney villain with more deplorable ideas than turning a bunch of puppies into coats.

Cruella would add a bit of life to the Disney+ series coming up, but we have a feeling she wouldn’t get along with any of the other villains. I mean, does Cruella get along with anyone?

The hyenas

While The Lion King‘s Scar is sadly out of the picture, his hyena following remains on the outskirts of Pride Rock. And the three of them aren’t above scheming against the good guys, even if they aren’t as clever as some of the other villains on this list. In fact, the hyenas most definitely fall into the comical category of Disney villains. But that’s why we’d love to see them in the Disney+ series.

Can you imagine Shenzi and Banzai bickering with Hades? And we’d pay to see the other villains’ reactions when Ed gives his input regarding their evil plans.

The Queen of Hearts

Alice in Wonderland‘s Queen of Hearts isn’t one of the most dynamic villains in Disney’s reservoir, but it would certainly be fun to watch her constantly shouting “off with their heads!” during the new Disney Villains series. And given the personalities of all the other villains on this list, you know she’d have plenty of reason to break out that particular phrase.

Prince Hans

Frozen’s Prince Hans isn’t the most formidable Disney villain in the franchise, but he can certainly give Gaston a run for his money when it comes to arrogance. In fact, we’d love to see the two of them team up in the new Disney Villains series, even if it’s just to finish each other’s… sandwiches?

And speaking of vain villains…

Queen Grimhilde

Queen Grimhilde from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is about as full of herself as one person can be. And even though we know she’d start problems with the other female villains on this list—and maybe even Gaston and Hans as well—we’d love to see her at least make an appearance in the Disney+ show.

Queen Grimhilde will bring some interesting magic into the fray, and we might even get to see some other characters consult her infamous mirror. But it’ll be disappointing if Gaston doesn’t turn out to be the fairest of them all…

Shere Khan

There just aren’t enough animals among the long list of Disney villains, but The Jungle Book’s Shere Khan would make an interesting addition to the Disney Villains series on Disney+. For starters, Shere Khan certainly wouldn’t take too well to Cruella’s antics. It’d also be interesting to see how he’d get along with characters from The Lion King—especially the hyenas, who could probably use a new villain to hide behind.

Dr. Facilier

The Princess and the Frog‘s Dr. Facilier is a more recent villain to capture the hearts of Disney fans, even if most of us don’t always like what he’s up to. He’s a big fan of showcasing his authority over others, a trait that would be entertaining to see amongst the rest of Disney’s iconic villains. And Dr. Facilier also has a handle on some interesting types of magic, which we’d love to see more of—especially in combination with the other magic users on this list.

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Which Disney villain are you most excited to see again when the Disney+ series finally arrives?