Star Wars Resistance preview: Commander Pyre arrests Team Fireball


Commander Pyre and his security forces arrest Team Fireball. It looks like there’s no way out until Bucket comes to the rescue in this preview.

Team Fireball is in a heap of trouble after last week’s episode, “The Disappeared.” Kaz’s mission as a spy and his narrow misses with the First Order have finally caught up to him. Instead of him going down for the cause he signed up for, though, his team is going down with him as accomplices. Yeager warned him about this possibility at the start of the series, but Kaz never thought it’d come to pass.

In the latest preview for “Descent,” the episode starts off right where it left off. Despite having weapons aimed at them, Yeager isn’t afraid to raise his voice and defend his crew. Unfortunately, none of that matters, since the First Order has evidence of the Fireball’s latest activities in the Unknown Regions. Tam, in particular, is caught by surprise, especially since Kaz had been spitting out lies in an attempt to cover his tracks.

The clip is brief, but you can see the look of guilt on Kaz’s face. He’s had various successes and failures throughout the season, but we think this is the moment he’ll regret the most. Kaz only wants the best for those around him, so this is definitely not how he wanted things to go, at all.

Watch Bucket come to the rescue in this recent preview:

Something else we find interesting about this episode? Apparently, after realizing Kaz and Yeager have been lying to her, Tam decides to stay with the First Order. We know this because in the mid-season trailer, Tam gets captured by stormtroopers as Kaz and the others attempt to escape through Yeager’s office. At this point in the episode, Tam is convinced her own innocence will save her from Kaz’s actions and the consequences he’s brought upon on her and her friends.

Tam is an incredibly fascinating character. Even when presented with information and visuals about the First Order’s behavior, such as Kel and Eila’s story about their home and the way Aunt Z was treated in her own establishment, Tam still sees the First Order as a force for good. We can’t blame her because the First Order has covered up their messes pretty well and cleverly come up with strategic ways for them to come out looking like heroes.

People looking for stability will fall for their ruse, and Tam happens to be one of those people. It also doesn’t help that Kaz and Yeager keep lying to her. She keeps getting pushed away for her own good, but from her point of view, it just keeps giving her reasons to trust people less and less. Her past friendship with Hype had such a detrimental effect on her that she has a difficult time putting trust in others, except those who have demonstrated themselves, like the First Order.

We can’t wait to find out what happens next with Team Fireball and how this is going to affect relationships moving forward.

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