Exploring Voldemort and the incredibly selfish nature that fueled his life


We know that Voldemort prided himself on being the best at what he was doing and that selfish nature became his downfall when he feared a prophecy he let come true.

Voldemort was a man who believed he knew what the wizarding world needed. It made him incredibly racist but he believed himself to be right and would do whatever was necessary to succeed. That means that he would willingly listen to a prophecy and think he has to stop it, not realizing that by doing so, he’s making it come true.

That selfishness, that drive to always be right and be the best is what results in his death. Look, he’s a terrible man and one that deserved to turn to dust, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t critique why he ended up there.

If Voldemort had ignored the prophecy, had just continued what he was doing, he probably would have been unstoppable. Instead, he was so afraid of death and losing, that he forced his loss upon himself.

Voldemort is the reason for his own downfall, the one who saw to it that he died and failed in his own mission because he was too afraid of what was to come. Harry Potter was just a pawn in the great game that Voldemort created and, with the creation, made his own downfall.

So, could Voldemort have succeeded otherwise? Probably. but Professor Trelawney giving him that prophecy helped put an end to Voldemort all because of his own fear of death and failure.

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If Voldemort wasn’t so selfish, he could have succeeded. Do you think it was that selfishness that led to his downfall? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!