Remaking Harry Potter for the modern television audience


We have been talking about making a Harry Potter television show for quite some time and what would that mean if we had to adapt the series for a modern audience?

Harry Potter has been in our lives for so long that now, even with the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them franchise, we feel a little left out without it. Sure, we love Harry and all his friends still but there hasn’t been any new content on Harry James Potter for the last three years.

So, of course, we’re all abuzz with the idea that we can have a chance at television show that explores the books a bit more and gives us the version of Harry Potter we’ve wanted from the start.

Each episode could be a chapter, we could have seven seasons and even an eighth if we wanted to go into Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. We could have the Game of Thrones of series and it’d be perfect. But we’d just have to adjust things for modern viewers. Sure, shows like Game of Thrones prove that fans will read something and watch a television show showing us the same thing but we still have to make it new.

This is a story we’ve lived with for a lot of our lives so changes would have to be made and maybe we could have even more flashbacks to Harry’s parents and their life together before Voldemort came and took it all away.

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Do you think a series about Harry Potter would work? Or do you think that we should just leave it be with the movies? Let us know what you think the next step in the Harry Potter series should be in the comments below!