Harry Potter vs Avengers: Infinity War: Did Voldemort just get snapped up by Thanos?


We know that Voldemort turned to dust at the end of the Harry Potter series but does that mean that he just got taken up in the snap from Thanos in Infinity War?

Look, it is fun to look at how Voldemort died and think about Thanos snapping away half the planet. We watched as Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, and other Avengers died at the hand of Thanos but why did Voldemort turn to dust like he did?

Could the Avengers and Harry Potter be linked? Probably not, but it is fun to think that Voldemort was snapped away with the rest of half the planet and that, hopefully, when the Avengers reverse it, he remains snapped away.

Wouldn’t it be fun if our superheroes and our witches and wizards existed in the same world? Fighting alongside each other and living their lives as if the muggles and the regular people were just unaware? It’s a little different for the Avengers because we at least know they exist but, you get the point.

So, in this dream world, Thanos and his snap did one good thing: It took out Voldemort so that Harry Potter didn’t have to actually murder Voldemort and he could remain a wonderful boy. But then again, that could mean that Voldemort comes back and we definitely don’t need that nonsense back in the wizarding world.

Can we figure out why he turned to dust though, if it wasn’t Thanos? That stuff is still weird.

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Is Voldemort dead or is he going to come back when the Avengers fix the snap? (This is a fun joke but either way, it’d be wild if that is what happened!) Let us know your jokes and thoughts in the comments below!