Captain Marvel takes Goose the cat for a ride in new teaser


Never leave your cat behind, even when that results in the cat possibly having a rough time. What a thing for Captain Marvel to do, right?

From the beginning of Captain Marvel‘s marketing push to last week’s hour-long stream, it’s been made absolutely clear that Goose the cat is a vital part of the movie. Well, calling Goose a cat may not be completely accurate, but let’s let that little fiction last a touch longer. Besides, Nick Fury thinks she’s just a cat.

(Before you ask: Kelly Sue DeConnick weighed in and said that Goose is female. That’s as close as we’ll get to canon until we actually see the film.)

Check out the latest clip below, which emphasizes how close we are to seeing the film in theaters… and also has some comedy that might charitably be called slapstick:

Yes, this scene is probably CGI, and in universe, Goose is not a cat and can probably handle the flight. All the same, it might be a little cringe-worthy. However, the more interesting part is that Fury seems to really like Goose. We’ve gotten hints of this before, but don’t think for a second that Fury cooing to a cat makes him any less of a tough, smart SHIELD agent. In fact, it really suits Fury to be more of a cat person, when you think about it. Cats have no problem thinking you’ve made a stupid decision and can be fierce when need be.

We also appreciate the brief glances at Maria and Monica Rambeau, even though we really don’t think Fury is actually in the same room as them.

Finally, that jet that Carol is flying that causes Goose to be thrown off her balance? It really doesn’t look like it’s from this planet. It seems much more likely that it’s Kree or Skrull technology, and that Carol’s flying it to transport something important (aside from Goose, of course, who is very important) away from the war.

It’s a short clip, though, so any guesses about what that thing may be are not guaranteed to be accurate. The best theory we have to offer is the Tesseract.

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