The beauty of picking your animagus and patronus and what it means


Animals have a big say in the Harry Potter series and discovering our animagus or your patronus can be a bit of a defining factor about you and your connection!

Figuring out what your animagus or patronus is can be just as important as your wand. You just have to find a connection to what you are so then you feel as if you’re part of the series. With your wand, it chooses you. But you at least have a bit of a choice with your patronus.

Sure, they come about from your memories but you have a little more control than with your wand. With your animagus, you can’t really choose what animal you can become. But your animal form ends up being a combination of your spirit and your personality so it is, essentially, you getting to be the animal that would fit the best for you.

It is important though for us, as fans, to feel as if we have a bit of a choice in our favorite things. From our houses to our wands and more, we just want to be as involved as we can and that means picking all our favorite things (even if we wouldn’t really have a choice over our patronus and our animagus if we were actually in the wizarding world).

That doesn’t stop us though! We keep taking quizzes and figuring out what ours would be but, at the end of the day, we can all make our own choices and that is something beautiful. Even if some of us pick some random animals to turn into.

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Do you know what your animagus and patronus would be? Let us know what yours are in the comments below!