10 Disney mugs that will make your morning coffee magical


Check out this list of amazing Disney mugs that will kickstart your morning with a dose of magic. There’s something here for every Disney fan.

When we are getting a start in our day, nothing beats drinking from a special mug from our favorite Disney movie. For the past few years, Disney has gotten very creative in making clever mugs from its movies to delight their fans. These would make great gifts for your Disney aficionado or great to keep for yourself. Some mugs have unusual handles, such as forks and branches, making them some of the most imaginative vessels for tea and coffee!

Have a sip of your tea or coffee and feel your day get a little brighter with these ten special mugs.

Coco Skull Mug. Image via shopDisney.com.

Coco Skull Mug

For fans of Pixar’s Coco, this lovely skull mug is a delightful addition to one’s kitchen. This mug is a nice nod to the Dia de los Muertos sugar skull tradition.

Price: $16.95

Maleficent Tower Figural Mug. Image via shopDisney.com.

Maleficent Tower Figural Mug

Want a little evil in your morning tradition? This stunning tower mug with Maleficent staring out at you is great for the Disney fan who thinks that Disney villains are underappreciated. The shape of the tower as a mug is wonderfully clever as well.

Price: $19.95


Poison Apple Mug

For those of you can’t get enough of Disney’s delicious suite of villains, here’s another nod to those fabulous miscreant’s with the Evil Queen’s poisoned apple. Feel bold and brave drinking from this mug or keep your friend’s guessing when you serve them tea or coffee.

Price: $16.90

The Nightmare Before Christmas Zero Sculpted Mug. Image via BoxLunch.com.

Zero Sculpted Mug

Many of us start our day taking care of our animal companions. For those of you planning scary antics for next Halloween (or Christmas), begin the morning with Jack’s best canine ghost friend, Zero.

Price: $19.90

Disney Pixar Toy Story Mr. Potato Head Molded Mug. Image via BoxLunch.com.

Mr. Potato Head Molded Mug

To get yourself in the mood for Toy Story 4, check out this Mr. Potato Head mug. Sip tea from this cup and remember the beautiful Pixar movies and this popular kids toy.

Price: $24.90

Ariel Dinglehopper Mug. Image via shopDisney.com.

Ariel Dinglehopper Mug

“I’ve got gadgets and gizmos a-plenty. I’ve got whozits and whatzits galore. You want thingamabobs?” If that’s your song, then this mug is for you. The fork handle is a particularly nice touch to give you a little bit of Ariel’s world.

Price: $24.99


Hercules Herculade Figural Mug

With this Hercules mug, you’ll feel strong and confident to face the challenges of the day. Or if you are a fan of historic architecture, admire the fine lines of this greek column.

Price: $19.90

Pepper Mug – 101 Dalmatians. Image via shopDisney.com.

Pepper Mug – 101 Dalmatians

Nothing starts a day like a darling dalmatian like Pepper. Enjoy this nod to 101 Dalmatians with its styling bone handle.

Price: $16.95

Snow White Wishing Well Mug. Image via shopDisney.com.

Snow White Wishing Well Mug

Start your day with a little wish with this Snow White wishing well mug. It’s part of the Disney Princess Mug collection. Also, it’s got “The Kindest One of All” written inside the cup.

Price: $24.99

Disney Winnie the Pooh Mug and Spoon Set. Image via Amazon.

Disney Winnie the Pooh Mug and Spoon

Everyone knows Winnie the Pooh loves his sweet honey. So why not ditch the coffee with this mug and go for some sweet tea with honey? Of course, if you’re over-the-moon about honey like Pooh, this is a must-have mug.

Price: $39.99

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These charming mugs are all wonderful nods to the wide world of Disney. There is a mug for everyone, whether you’re a Disney princess fan or Pixar fan. Each mug is a great way to greet the day.