Superboy has officially been cast for Titans season 2


The second season of Titans officially has their Superboy. And while we don’t know who will be playing Krypto yet, at least we have a face for our new hero.

If you watched the first season of Titans until the very end (and I mean right through to the end credit scene), then you know that something exciting is coming our way. And when I say something, I really mean someone. In the final moments of Titans‘ first season we see Superboy breaking out of the CADMUS labs along with his trusty canine sidekick, Krypto.

In those final moments, we don’t get the chance to see who will be playing Superboy, but just knowing he is coming is enough to have us eager for season two. But now, it looks like we officially have a face to go along with our hero.

According to DC Comics, Joshua Orpin will be taking on the famous role. And while we don’t yet know who will be playing Krypto just yet, at least we know who will be portraying our angsty teen of steel, Conner Kent.

And for those of you who don’t know who Orpin is, the actor is relatively new to the scene (which we think is perfect for the role). Orpin is an Australian actor best known for The Neon Spectrum. While we may not know a lot about him, we certainly can’t wait to see how he dives into the role of the angsty Conner.

On top of revealing who will be playing the character, Titans has also released a character synopsis for Superboy, describing him as searching for the truth of who he is, what his purpose is, and all of the details of his past. While he is looking for all of these answers, he finds himself coming face to face with the Titans which leads him to an unexpected family and home (the Titans really are such an interesting and unexpected family of heroes).

Of course, as with any search for answers, Superboy will find himself uncovering plenty of revelations that are just as complicated as we can imagine. The Titans may have their own issues to contend with, but we bet they will be there for Conner as he uncovers his past as well.

However, we can’t be sure that Superboy will officially be joining the Titans as a full member like Dick Grayson/Robin or Starfire or if he will be more like Jason Todd/Robin 2.0 where he comes and goes as needed, we definitely think the addition of the teen of steel is an exciting prospect.

In the comics, the Titans have always been this unique family of heroes. They may not be on the level of the Justice League, but they are actually better for it. Instead, they prove that having a family bond can make you a better team than just being together because you have powers and skills. We can’t wait to see Titans season 2 go deeper into the team’s dynamic, especially as they introduce Superboy into the mix.

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What do you think of the Titans casting Orpin in the role of Superboy? Do you think him being relatively unknown is a good thing? Are you excited for the official arrival of Superboy (and Krypto)? Tell us what you think in the comments.