Star Wars Resistance: What happens to those who’ve disappeared?


This week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance gave us a chilling glance at how the First Order treats those who resist them, but what happens to them after they’re arrested and shipped away?

When Kaz disguised himself as a stormtrooper, the last thing he expected was to come face to face with Commander Pyre. Despite getting into serious trouble, he learned some valuable information regarding the First Order’s plans. Most importantly, he was present when Commander Pyre made it clear those who oppose the First Order would be dealt with.

We’ve seen hints here and there with people getting arrested for staying past curfew or others being harassed for identification. In “The Disappeared,” we find out some additional details, including how they’re temporarily housed in shipping containers. Afterward, they are shipped off to who knows where.

Like the Empire, the First Order seems to be targeting non-humans. Even the container Aunt Z was located in had non-human prisoners. What’s even more disappointing is that people continue to ignore what the First Order is doing, even when it’s happening right under their noses. Then again, it could be that they are aware, but feel like it’s best to keep their heads down and do as the First Order says.

At the end of the day, it’s a serious violation of rights and Captain Doza, the man who is responsible for bringing the First Order to the station, isn’t able to do anything about it. Granted, he was tricked into bringing them there, but he should have known better, especially given his own Imperial background.

Even scarier is the visual of people being hoarded off, never to be seen again. Where are they being taken? What happens to them once they reach their destination? Star Wars is inspired by various events, themes, and imagery from our own history and present, so our minds went through a series of possibilities — none of which should be inflicted on any living being.

Perhaps these people, like the Wookiees in Solo: A Star Wars Story and in the pilot episode of Star Wars Rebels, are being taken to locations in the Unknown Regions and forced to work in harsh and unbearable conditions.

Another thought that comes to mind is more horrific and takes the word “disappeared” quite literally. What if these people are disposed of because they don’t fit into the First Order’s vision? It’s a terrifying thought to think people can be silenced in that way, then again, it has happened in our own history.

Since Star Wars Resistance gears more toward a younger audience, these kinds of details remain vague, but the implication still stands. It’s depressing to know these prisoners might never see home or live normal lives ever again. And it’s all because a government chose to believe peace had triumphed and let the remnants of the Empire grow enough to bring about their demise.

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The next episode of Star Wars Resistance, “Descent,” airs on Sunday, Mar. 3, on Disney Channel at 10 p.m. ET and on DisneyNOW.