17 shows that positively discuss mental health

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Grey’s Anatomy

As a perpetually unfortunate fictional hospital, Grey’s Anatomy obviously portrays grief and how grief manifests from person to person, thanks to the insurmountable on-screen deaths. Avengers: Infinity War doesn’t compare to the dramatic death toll on Grey’s Anatomy.

Underneath the drama and mystery, Grey’s Anatomy illustrates earnest representations of grief and paints accepting a loved one’s death as an undying process itself. In an episode where Meredith sees visions of her deceased loved ones, she revisits Derek, who is still a heartbreaking loss for us.

Despite making us sob about Derek again, the episode shows the evolution of Meredith’s grief and how it’s an inevitable and natural process, but it doesn’t mean she (and we) can’t come to amicable terms with it. It shows that even after her grieving process is over, that death and tragedy still play a critical role in a person’s life, and Meredith isn’t an exception.

On-screen death and grief aside, the series uses its hospital setting to discuss and disseminate accurate portrayals of various mental health conditions. From depression in both the staff and the patients to various other mental health conditions, the series does its diligence to create accurate depictions of mental health overall.

In an episode that features a homeless teenager, the show highlights the teen’s schizophrenic symptoms and validates her perception of her symptoms. See, she knew she had symptoms, but she didn’t think they matched schizophrenia specifically. While showing a more accurate picture of schizophrenia, Grey’s Anatomy helped combat misconceptions about its symptoms and the condition itself.