17 shows that positively discuss mental health

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On season 3 of Insecure, Nathan ghosted Issa for an unfortunately relatable reason (at least for those of us who have depression or who’ve been depressed before). He flacked out on plans with Issa because he was depressed.

Though Nathan described it as a “bad mood,” his impulsive out-of-town trip and down demeanor point to depression. He didn’t acknowledge it at first on the series, but he does try to explain why he stood up Issa.

Like Nathan can’t control how Issa responded to his honest explanation, he can’t control or predict his depressive episodes. They happen. Nathan’s on-screen portrayal of his depression shows that, although his depressive periods can engulf him, he is trying to mend relationships that were afflicted by his absence.

Even the symptoms of Nathan’s depression add a layer of accuracy. While media tends to monotonously depict depression as just overwhelming or extended periods of sadness, his spontaneous trips also hint at how depression can persuade people to be impulsive or even self-destructive.

Beyond Nathan’s character, Kendrick Simpson the actor or portrays him is open about his relationship with his own mental health, as well as the benefits of therapy. According to Self, Simpson uses his Instagram to talk about his mental health, which actively helps distance the stigmas away from mental health conversations.