The Walking Dead: David Morrissey is ready for a Governor spinoff


David Morrissey doesn’t think The Walking Dead has seen the last of the Governor, and he seems eager to reprise his role as the villain.

The Walking Dead has sparked rumors about multiple character-based spinoffs and films, and David Morrissey is more than ready to take on his role as the Governor. Maybe it’s our obsession with villains, but we’re ready to see the Governor from a new angle.

After reports that Rick Grimes could get a spinoff film and rumors that Maggie could be the next character to get the spinoff treatment (even though the character’s future on the series is still vague), we’re fully embracing Walking Dead‘s expanding walker-verse. Okay, the name might need a little work, but the point is we’re on board for more of our favorite characters — even for a Hershel-killing antagonist like the Governor.

During an interview with Red Carpet New TV, Morrissey said he’s interested in returning to his role as the Governor. Commenting on his hopes that he might see a Walking Dead movie about the Governor, Morrissey said he doesn’t feel like the character’s arc is over on the series, and he’d “love to go back in any capacity.”

“Sometimes you walk away from a job, you think, ‘I’m finished with that character’,” Morrissey says. “Whereas the Governor, I don’t feel that. I think there’s a lot more to mine, really.”

Lily and Michonne, who both had a hand in killing the Governor, might have other opinions about the Governor’s journey with the franchise. Though the character’s arc with Rick and Michonne’s group is complete, that doesn’t mean his narrative is over.

A prequel is the most likely scenarios, as we’re sure there are plenty of stories to tell about the vengeful leader. A Governor spinoff could offer more insight into his rise to his villainous mantle and how he created his budding but eventually doomed community.

The key here though is the rise to how he became so dark and cruel. Watching a family man turn into one of the most terrifying villains on The Walking Dead is worth watching — versus just seeing a prequel following all of his heinous side quests and taking over other groups. That could eventually be the focus of the show, but we need to see Philip Blake as he started out. We need to see him working his doldrum job, the effect his wife’s tragic death had on him, protecting Penny as the apocalypse takes hold of society.

And who knows — if we get a prequel for The Governor, we may soon get one for a few other baddies. Negan, we’re looking at you and Lucille.

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Do you have any suggestions about a hypothetical Governor spinoff? Or do you have any character who hope to see in a Walking Dead spinoff someday? Let us know in the comments below!