Pikachu says a no-no word in the latest Detective Pikachu trailer


Pokéfans have always known that Pikachu tends to have a bit of spunk, but Detective Pikachu is bringing it to a whole new level … by swearing.

As is distressingly becoming the norm when it comes to anything related to Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, the latest trailer has us trying to sift through everything and coming up with confusion and strange … interest. The latest trailer, for example, has Mewtwo, a giant Pikachu balloon exploding, and the great detective Pikachu rationalizing a caffeine addiction that would put even the most diehard of Starbucks fans to shame.

And yet here this writer is, fixated on the fact that the squeaky-clean world of Pokémon is now allowing swearing. Granted, it’s the most mild of swears. Seriously, most 10-year-olds probably won’t bat an eye at Pikachu’s saying “Get me the hell out of here!” (It’s the voice of Deadpool, so if you close your eyes, you can imagine that it’s the Merc with a Mouth in his threequel.)

But for a franchise that prides itself on not thinking about horrifying ramifications as much as possible, this is almost too self-aware to actually process correctly. Granted, Warner Bros. has made considerable bank on self-aware takes on beloved children’s franchises, but Pokémon just feels wrong somehow.

Watch the trailer below, and then we’ll talk about the other developments:

Yes, Pikachu. We’re shaken by the “twisty” nature of all of this, too. Thank you for understanding that in these difficult times.

Beyond that, the plot developments seem pretty significant. Pikachu’s missing Harry might very well be connected to the rise of Mewtwo, since Mewtwo is a genetic alteration of Mew, and perhaps some scientists didn’t want their discovery uncovered too quickly. Is this too noir for Pokémon? Maybe not anymore.

You can also spot Greninja, Aipom, and Snubbull in this trailer, and while that may not seem significant, it does mean that multiple generations of Pokémon exist in Ryme City. That means all of the ever-popular Eeveelutions could make appearances, not just Flareon, and perhaps Eevee’s multiple evolutions also play a part in the science that seems to be important to the plot of this film.

All we know is that this Pikachu swears. It could be worse, right? The Titans trailer was bad, and it turned out semi-decent.

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Detective Pikachu hits theaters on May 10.