New teaser for Captain Marvel lets her troll Nick Fury


The latest clip from Captain Marvel might very well be the best glimpse of the film’s humor yet, and a nice character-building moment to boot.

For all that the Captain Marvel trailers have shown off how much power Carol Danvers is packing — and rightfully so, considering how much is hanging on her when it comes to Avengers: Endgame — we haven’t gotten a sense if the movie will have some humor or not. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a bit of a reputation for its funny moments amid all the seriousness, after all.

Fortunately, new clips are still surfacing, even as we’re closer to the release date than ever, and this scene between Nick Fury and Carol Danvers, originally from IGN, should put a few of your doubts to rest.

Check it out below:

Let’s start with the trolling, shall we? It’s practically where you have to start. Honestly, it doesn’t surprise us that Fury is particular about how he eats his toast, given his proclivity to call out poor decision-making when he sees it.

But it also shows that Carol does still have a sense of humor, even as she is trying to figure out whether or not an apparent ally could be an enemy that she has to blast into smithereens.

However, careful listening also reveals what seems like a nice Avengers shoutout. One of the cities that Fury mentions is Budapest, and though his time there likely predates whatever Hawkeye and Black Widow did that causes them to “remember [it] very differently,” it’s interesting that things keep popping up there.

Whether or not that’ll end up being something more overall is yet to be determined, though. For now, it shows that this movie will likely have plenty of references to previous Marvel Cinematic Universe material, though they’ll probably have to be a bit more sly, like this one.

There’s a way to call forward too obviously, and hopefully the scriptwriters learned from what Solo: A Star Wars Story did, since that’s a great example of how not to do it.

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There are still a few questions when it comes to this scene, of course. First, why does this bar look so deserted? Second, why does Fury have some butterfly bandages? Third, why does Carol have to show off by destroying a jukebox?

Hopefully, some of them will be answered come Captain Marvel‘s debut on March 8.