The #GooseTheCatChallenge is here to help cats in need


This fan-led #GooseTheCatChallenge could help shelter cats in need, and we’re glad this kind of productive Captain Marvel promo exists.

Comic books and comic media has always incorporated activism and political discourse. Maybe you’ve used your refueled empowerment to volunteer in your local community (for a cause that would make Carol proud, of course) or you’ve donated to the #CaptainMarvelChallenge to help girls see Captain Marvel in theaters.

While many fans are donating to GoFundMe campaigns as they wait for new Captain Marvel merch to debut (and the movie itself to premiere), some fans are starting new Twitter hashtags to bolster a positive cause that would make Goose the “cat” proud.

In this case, Twitter user @goosedanvers is promoting an important cause: donating to and supporting local animal shelters. Since shelters and humane societies primarily run off of donations, grants, and crowdfunding, support from the community is vital to feed the dogs and cats until they find a foster or forever home.

Though shelter numbers are declining in the United States, there are still about 6.5 million animals in shelters, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

You might not be ready or physically able to adopt your own Flerken, minus the actual Flerken physiology we hope, donating some cat food, cat litter, and toys to a local shelter will make you a hero at least in the eyes of some shelter cats. We’re all looking for validation from cats, right? (We say this as our own fur children judge us.)

However, we think the #GooseTheCatChallenge can take on many forms — without the villainous connotations of those Skrully shapeshifters. Cat food can be expensive, even as a one-time donation, but old towels and blankets are a great donation alternative. Shelter animals still need something comfortable to sleep on, and even ripped towels don’t go unused in an adoption center.

Then there’s the nonphysical or monetary form of adoption. Sure, donating your time at your local animal shelter might be an excuse to play with some adorable cats, but shelter animals need the socialization too. Depending on how your local facility sets up their volunteer duties, you’ll probably have to sleep out some litter boxes and cages, but it’s a fair exchange.

If you’re allergic to cats, Goose gets it. Use your Twitter breaks to signal-boost some eligible cats at your local shelter. Just make sure to put emphasis on any kill shelters in your area because their adoptions are obviously time-sensitive. Regardless, retweeting some cats who are up for adoption is a Flerken-approved way to save lives.

Goose’s comic counterpart, Chewie, might have an inexplicable hatred of Earth cats, but we’re glad to see Goose has moved past her petty indifferences with Earth felines. Using the hashtag #GooseTheCatChallenge you and your social media pals can help encourage fellow Captain Marvel fans to donate cat food and other needs to local animal shelters and adoption centers.

If you’re ready to take on the #GooseTheCatChallenge in any form, contact your local shelter and see what they need. Whether the could use some more cat food, some volunteer hours, and someone to pass out flyers, we know the Earth cats (and dogs) will appreciate it. After all, Goose is counting on us while she’s saving the universe with her mom!

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